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Southwestern Ontario Brides - Lets get together!!!


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Hello ladies!!


I've seen a few calls for NYC Happy Hour & thought it would be great for us Ontario girls to get something together!!

I don't know where or when...but when we figure out how many people we have interested we can sort out the details! I will be more than happy to plan this, but I am new to the SW area so I will need some help...especially in determining a central location!


All our GTA & surrounding area BDW girls are more than welcome too if you can make it!!


Let me know who's interested!! And if you see that someone has not commented make sure you bring it to their attention!!



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Look at you London girls!! Maybe we might have to plan a road trip there! lol

Or maybe we could meet in Woodstock?? Is that in between??

I guess a Saturday or Sunday would be best? Are you girls thinking before or after Christmas??

Here's my availability for the next few weeks...

Dec.7 (Sun)

Dec. 21 (Sun)

Jan. 3 & 4 (Sat & Sun)

then it's my wedding time!!!

After that we're looking at February for me.

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I'm good to go too ...Sloan..maybe we could carpool if you want if you're not coming from work?? I know you are a partier :P so you can drink up lady!


3rd is no good for me unless you wanna crash my bachelorette..*lol* Crazy eh? A bachelorette party right after New Years...its a string of drunkeness for me.

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I'm definetly up for it!


December is crazy for me with work..no way I can make plans SORRY! I have a feeling I will be working 3 weeks straight.


To be honest...February (end of) works well for me! I have time off with no kids and the hubby will be in Montreal.


If I can't make this one I am up for meeting ANYONE hehehe!


Ohh and London girls..look out because I'm moving there for February 1st as I have just accepted a position in London!!!!!!!!!!

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