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Do you ever regret your union dues?

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Do you ever regret your union dues… I know I see them deducted from my pay, and I always wonder why….BUT NOT TODAY!


I am so excited I had to share with someone!!!

Our Union, after almost 2 years of deliberation finally agreed to a tentative agreement for us. And…drum-roll please…we get almost a 4000$ increase! And about that much in back pay as well, give or take taxes of course, since the contract expired in June of 2007!!cheer2.gifcheer2.gif


This could not have come at a better time!! We are bombarded with Credit card debt, we always manage to make at least the minimum payments, mostly double or triple payments, but this will help SO MUCH!! I get in tears whenever I think about the amount of debt we are accumulating, so now the card is in the FREEZER!


It should pay about 1/3 of our Credit Card debt!! WOOHOO!!! We want to pay it all off before we even think of getting a house! And now that is so much sooner! It feels like I can be happy about our wedding again!!! elefant.gif


Word of advice for your MasterCard holders, did you know you can call them every 6 months, even if you only make minimum payments, and ask for them to adjust your interest rate to your lowest possible rate??!! This has helped us SO much! I have saved thousands of dollars by sticking a reminder in my phone telling me to call and ask for a re-adjustment! bunny_4.gif


I am so excited!!!! …


Maybe now I will get a second dress…. smile72.gif

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right on!


idk what union you are with but mine is going down the tubes. i'm glad that the union is working at least for someones work group, if not mine :)

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