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MD Newbie .. ORO bound


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1. name - Nita

2. wedding date - 4/18/09

3. wedding location - Riu Ocho Rios



I've actually been to the Riu Ocho Rios this past March ... and loved it ..... wonderful place ...and I have a few pics I can post if anyone is interested ....



Basically flustered with the planning .... don't know where to start first lol



STD/Invites then deal with the travel bookings .. or book some travel first then do the STD/Invites ......


Also, do you send the invites to everyone you would invite to an inland wedding?

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Welcome to the forum! You will find TONS of info here. If you go under Jamaica there is a lot of info about Riu Ochos Rio's, you will find a lot of the answers to your questions & a few reviews of brides that got married there. I am getting married at the Riu Negril and have found this website exremely informative. Happy Planning!!

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Congratulations Nita!


This site has a wealth of information and ideas that certainly is helpful. I've only been here for a short period of time and I like it because of the information other people has to offer. Make sure you have a planning calendar so you can stay on top of things and set your priorities. Don't forget to ask for help from family and friends, I'm sure they are more than willing to help out. Best wishes and happy planning!

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