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Is My Apartment Haunted?

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So last night I stayed at FI's apartment, and I got an e-mail from my roommate this morning telling me about some weird stuff that happened at our place last night.


E-mail from the roommie:


well i was fine all night

and then before i went to bed

i got this weird paranoid feeling

and you know i'm always there alone and it doesn't bother me

so it was odd

so i start hearing these noises

that kind of sounded like wind

but it wasn't

bc it wasn't windy

so i try to ignore it

and i'm watching tv

trying to get tired

and all of a sudden my TV changes channels

the ACTUAL tv

not the cable

and the only way to do that is with the tv remote


so i was totally freaked

and i got up and changed it back manually

and 10 minutes later it changed by itself again

this time to channel 6

(before it was channel two)

i didn't sleep at all

so freaked out


So I was just wondering if any of yall have had strange stuff like this happen in your homes. Should I be freaked out?

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wow ya that would be freaky! my Grandparents ontime had the freakiest thing happen too....they were both getting ready for bed and then they got a knock on the door. it was paramedics looking for someone who had called 911 for help. My grandparents were like no no one called from here are you sure it was our house? and so the paramedic i guess called dispatch and traced the call and it came from their address and their phone number. well anyways neither of them had called but it definately came from their house and so the paramedics had to search the house to make sure they didnt like kill someone or something and denied calling for help...but ya stuff like that has happened a couple times so im a little scared of their house now!

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Think your roommie was messing with you? Do they always write like that? Seems like it could be a joke.


But if it isn't... I have never had anything like that happen consistently. I have had weird things happen randomly throughout my life, but don't beleive I have ever lived in a haunted place. Have you had other occurances?? How long have you lived there?

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We've lived there for about 6 months, and got a crazy cheap deal on it. I wonder if this is why. Sometimes a light in our hallway will flicker on and off, but I always thought it was just some circuit problem. Michelle, I just got chills from your story!

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Ooooh that's creepy. I had stayed at a friend's apartment years ago. I slept in the living room and at around 5am the tv turns on with high volume. The funny thing was that it was on mtv and a tupac video was on. I was no where near the remote. It really freaked me out. My friend tells me that spirits do pass through her apartment ocassionally. She and her husband have experienced paranormal activity.

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Oh there was another time when I spent the night at my friend's apartment again. I had taken a nap in her bedroom and all of a sudden my body felt paralyzed and I just layed there feeling hot and cold flashes. Also, my friend's best friend spent the night and she too had the same experience as I did. On another time, I was out with my friend getting food at Wendy's. Her husband called freaking out. He said he was meditating in their spare room listening to chant music to help him relax. He looked up at the mirror and saw a white face staring at him. He quickly left the room into their bedroom to make the call. It's crazy how spirits can communicate.

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Wooo Hooo -- All the Ghost Hunter fans...it's time to call TAPS!!!!


Anyway that is creepy! The only thing that has happened to me was our Dishnetwork stations would change but only in our upstairs bedroom and I figured out it was most likely that our neighbors had an upstairs TV and there was a crossing of the signals but if the actual TV changed that is creepy! Do you have cats that might have stepped on the remotehuh.gif?


I love the thought of ghosts but don't want to actually see one!

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