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So disappointed I cried!

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I just thought I would share this with you all because I'm sooo disappointed. I ordered a birdcage veil online, gave all the specifications and much more, received it earlier this week....and HATED it!


I was so upset I cried. Since it's "custom" made, it cannot be returned for a refund or anything like that. I decided to put it aside and think of what I could do to fix it. I mean, I can't throw away $180 dollars.


First complaint, the first thing my Fi mentioned was how cheap the materials were. He wondered if they were bought at the dollar store. I have to agree, it did not feel like quality materials.


Second complaint, the french netting was supposed to have swarovsky crystal dotting. It sure doesn't!


Third complaint, I asked for small wispy feathers...pretty sure I got the whole bird!


I decided to sit down tonight and fix this mess myself. The way it is put together, I had a hard time pulling it all apart...so...I used my Hulk muscles and ripped the feathers apart. It was quite therapeutic and in the end, it left behind only a few wisps of feathers, like I had originally asked for.


Sorry I just had to vent and tell you all about my freak-out that worked in my favor. I may not use the barrette with the feathers and just go and buy a nice jewelled comb instead...try and put this mess behind me.


The lesson to learn from this is "buyer beware".


Thanks for reading my rant!

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oh NO! That's terrible.... Did you get before and after pics?

Where did you order from?


That is just so sad. I hope it's closer to what you wanted at this point?

I'm sure you won't be able to tell the quality in pics, probably just close-up.

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That sucks. I know you said it was custom made and there aren't refunds/returns but if what you agreed to buy isn't what you got I think you could call and let them know! If you don't have crystals and a few whispy feathers has given you a whole bird on your head I could see why you aren't happy! I would at least call and tell them your disappointment.

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Thanks for the advice ladies, I think I will put on my creative hat today (and be patient) and see what I can make out of it. Maybe it could be a fun project and if it turns out pretty decent I will wear it and if not, I'll do like Morgan said and just wear it for my TTD.


Kevsgirl- I did not take pictures of the before sadly...I think my head was in a fog or something. I'll post what I create from it though.


This is what it was supposed to look like:


Click the image to open in full size.


What I got had 6 extra, way larger, less wispy feathers that kind of completely stole the show...


Alright girls, cross your fingers for me because I'm diving in to arts and crafts mode!


Thanks again for being so supportive!

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