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Newbie PV Bride!!!

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Hi Everyone,


My name's Kirsty and I'm getting married approx November 12th 2009 in PV. I've been reading the PV posts on this site and have to thank everyone for all the good tips!!! You've all helped alot! Location is not 100% yet but in final days of decision. It's between Dreams PV for wedding and to stay, or Barcelo de la Jolla Mismaloya. If we stay at Barcelo might have wedding at Le Kliff or Playa fiesta. Mainly due to the fact that I can't find any info or pictures for weddings at Barcelo. I've emailed them but in true Mexico form they're not responding quickly. Any input on Barcelo would be very appreciated!!!!


Other than that congrats to all the bride's to be out there!!!!


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Hi Kirsty - Welcome!!

We could be in PV at the same time (we may even stay at dreams)! I hope to select our wedding date on Monday with the coordinators at Las Caletas. Our first choice, 11/5 was booked, so we might shoot for 11/12!! Once we get the date confirmed, we'll be taking a scouting trip in Feb. to tour resorts and decide where we would like to have our guests stay. Yes - we need to keep in touch and share information! Have a great day - Trisha

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