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Christa's Pro Pics - Cabo Surf

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Oh my gosh girls, we have almost 500 pics from Bradley! I have been feverishly uploading to kodakgallery for the last 36 hours. I only have like 300 of them up, but more than enough to give you what you're looking for :)


Here's the link - enjoy. Oh, and the B&W photos are first, so the chronology is a little messed up, but I just didn't have the energy to mess with it...



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Christa I don't even know where to begin. I'm just going to ramble on in random order or else I will forget everything:


1. I love the pics, they were amazing and I am so glad you had a huge selection of pics to choose from.


2. Your dress looked gorgeous as did your make-up and hair. I love the flower that you chose for your hair.


3. The Cabo surf is so pretty! I love the intimate vibe it gives off and I love the rocky sand, it's such a nice backdrop for a wedding.


4. I loved the crisp white linen table clothes, they looked amazing. Along with that I really like the way the pink/fuschia flowers gave the table a colorful vibe. And I'm so glad the e-bay chair bows worked out perfectly. Love the lanterns hanging over the table, just beautiful.


5. The kids are so cute. Are they both R's sons? For some reason I thought he only had one son? Maybe I was thinking that b/c of the little one who needed his mom's permission to fly. In any event they are adorable.


6. I love the tequila shot that you did with your guest after the ceremony. Great way to kick start a party!


7. My favorite pic is of you brushing your teeth, so funny!


8. I loved the cake, it looked so nice. Did it taste good?


9. You guys look so happy and I am so very happy for the both of you. I hope your wedding was everything you wished for and more.





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Oh I just loved your slideshow.. I'm only half way through but wow, what amazing photos. I love your BM dress!!! And that color looks so good with everything. Seems like everyone had a little blue in their wardrobe... did you plan that Christa? LOL



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