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Hi Ladies,


More update on my wedding planning... I decided to take Boudoir Pics for my FI. =)


I did a loooottt of research and looked at so many BD photographers' styles. I know i really want a timeless, classy, and elegant look. I don't want a cheesy, erotic, and skanky pics. I wanted something natural, teaser-like, classy, and cute. I've seen some that makes me cringe! Lolo's Boudoir features amazing pics that take u back in the old times when nudity and posing nude is an art form... like the Rennaissance times.


I live in the San Francisco are and I found a BD photographer to takes pics just as how I want them to look. I had my consultation with her earlier today and I am sooo pumped! I cannot wait for my BD pics! I am in love with teh artsy boudoir instead of the erotic-hooker-overly posed pics.


I decided to do a bedroom look with classic lingerie, and an outdoor scene with trees and bushes around me wearing nothing but just a sheet of blanket or an unzipped dress. I may even do a semi-nude outdoors if I get into it!


I just want to share my excitement with all of you =)


Here is the info on my BD photographer.

Lolo's Boudoir: - Lolo's Boudoir -


i know each girl has a different taste and I am just sharing my taste in BD pics. =)

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Love the style! Yours pics are going to be beautiful and your FI will be so happy (and aroused!)

I'm doing this for my FI too...but haven't picked a photographer yet...it's so expensive!


And go for the semi-nude outdoors...those pics are great!

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Her style is great..I'm glad you are pumped about it! I go for mine THIS SATURDAY! YIKES!! I am so excited, yet so nervous. BD pics are not something I ever thought I would do, but FI will definitely love them and never expect them!

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