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Riu Negril Royal ceremony pics?

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I just got married at the RIU Negril on November 7th so I can try to answer any questions you have. I hated the flowers that I saw online as well but every bouquet picture that i did like and sent they said would be $300-$400. That was way to much for me so I thought I would just deal with it. When I got down there Dionne had a totally different book of flowers to chose from and they were a lot better than the website. I ended up getting a great bouquet for myself for $40 and all my bridesmaids for $30 each! Also I used the resorts photographer and everything turned out great! They were very good and high quality photos and for $600 I couldn't ask for more! My husband slipped the photographer and extra hundred and he put all 400 pictures on a disk for me to take home so I didn't have to pick and chose what pics I wanted

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