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Mishka Designs

Mid-November Blog - Fuschia, Reds, Golds and Oranges...

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Well, this was a bride requested blog - I think the colors started out to be reds, oranges and golds - but I got sidetracked somehow and ended-up with a fare dose of fuschia! I love colorful weddings, so it was fun to put this together...


Mishka Designs' Blog: Oranges, Reds, Golds, Fuschias...Where was I??


Two pesos Tuesdays is tomorrow so send me your design questions or wedding questions or whatever really and I'll do my best to answer :):). Otherwise, you'll end-up with more of my pv rantings wink.gif.

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Thanks so much for this blog. My colors are fuscia and tangerine. I have been trying to explain it to people and I just keep getting these wierd looks, but now I can show them how beautiful it will look.



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