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Woo Hoo this Mrs. is home FINALLY!!!

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Hey all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you all sooo much, total BDW withdrawls!


Tonight is gonna be short and sweet since we are wiped from the wedding, honeymoon, dumb airport people, missing connecting flights because of more dumb airport people, and Hurricane Paloma!


OMG Beaches Negril.......... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! They jumped over hoops for us a million times, made sure everything went off even with the hurricane with changes in site locations to have both indoor and outdoor ready with double setups. My review is going to be a doozie for you gals. I'm going to YouTube the wedding video for a couple of days so you can see what I mean as for the hurricane...


Couples Swept Away (HM) ..... AWWWWW perfect, Paloma reeked a bit more havoc to them, but they worked quick with massive amounts of people to reclaim the beach and all the ground floor suites which turned into step out to the ocean decks.


Montego Bay Airport, American Airlines in general, and JFK Airport.. ummm not soo good.. but that will be in my review.


Sooo much to tell, pictures to download, and everything... but tonight it's all about being a comfy girl on my own couch after 2 weeks being gone with my hubby and work starting up tomorrow again... BLAHHHHHHHHHHH.

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Yea Amanda! I can't wait to hear all about it and to hear what happened at CSA!


At least it was a trip you will never forget!

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