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How do you get the dress there?!

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huh02.gifI was just wondering, because this is no regular vacation, how do you get everything there?

Surely you can't stuff a wedding dress in a suitcase. Or can you? It seems like there would be so much stuff to take and who wants to pay to check a bazillion bags?

What's the trick, girls?

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i recently bought my 2nd wedding dress while on vacation in texas and i was able to bring my dress with me on the plane back to california. the airline didnt have a closet to hang my dress so they let me take up a row just for my dress since the flight wasnt full.


during a leg of a full flight, they offered to hang it in the cockpit. work with the airlines, they are normally understanding of the wedding gown situation. even the airlines rep recommended keeping the dress with you during flight.


hope this helps!

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