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YEAH I'm Here!!!!!!!!!


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What a fantastice forum! I stumbled across it and am so glad that I did.


So the details.....


Name: Carms

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wedding Date: November 20th, 2008 (4 year anniversary of our 1st date)

Wedding Location: Finalizing the details and pricing but most likely a RIU chain in either Cancun (RIU Cancun) or Puerta Vallarta (RIU Vallarta).


Fiance Name: Gord


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Hey Carms! First of all... what a cool name!! Is it short for something? Second - woot, I love when there are more Canadians on the forum (let alone a fellow Albertan!) Welcome!

Is there a reason you're going with RIU? Have you been there before? Just curious! :)

Wow, Novemeber 2008 - you've got lots of time to plan. I almost had the exact same date as you!

Welcome to the forum, Carms! :)



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Originally Posted by Nini_Bride View Post
P.S - Post your engagement story - they always make me cry! Plus, I really need a reason to have an emotional breakdown at work if I'm gonna try to get off early today!! cheesy.gif
Courtney - You are cracking me up today!! Still bored, huh?!?!? smile78.gif
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Yes Carms is short for Carmen and we chose the RIU chain because our travel agency (not just our travel agent) was gushing about it. Several of them have been to weddings through them and I thought what the heck, why not. It fit our budget and alot of our wants. I am a very low-key kind of girl and didn't want any hassles or stress (although some always seem to pop up msnwink.gif ).

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Yep you've found a great resource for your DW. Riu vallarta looks like a great place. I was interested in that resort as well but we opted for it's neighbor Riu jalisco with the gazebo. The Vallarta is newer and niocer I personally think.


I just moved from Edmonton. Is there any snow left? I'm curious.... LOL


Welcome to the BDW Forum!!

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