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Had to Post - PICS OF ETSY Jewelry!!

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Etsy is the SHIZNIT!!!! Seriously!!!! And that jewelry is gorgeous Shay!! I found my jewelry on there too (click on the link for "necklace" in the first post to see). I'm having the chick make my MOH a similar necklace with a bluer starfish, only in the front.


Etsy really is amazing ... especially for custom jewelry. There's something for everyone ... and even if there isn't - someone can just make it for you!!! elefant.gif

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Originally Posted by syl1115 View Post
Those are great. Did she make the barefoot sandles too? I love them.
No, she didn't make the sandals...though...she's so talented, I don't doubt that she could, if asked.

I got ours from Shop eBay Canada Store - Barefoot Sandals:: Wedding Sets, Pearl Sets

She also has really beautiful things, and was a pleasure to work with.


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