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How do you fight a craving?

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When I'm craving something (which isn't often as I usually eat six times/day), I reach for something with healthy fat/lots of protein. Protein will make you feel full, have a few unsalted almonds. Water helps too as you might not be hungry but dehydrated. I generally try to drink 4-5 litres of water per day.

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I do the following not necessarily in this order :

- drink a glass of water

- drink a flavored tea (no sugar, or sweeteners)

- do something : read, computer, cleaning, phone call, walk, go to the gym...

- chew gum

- brush my teeth

- take deep breaths for a minute (yoga breaths)

- eat a healthy snack close to the craving... if it's cheese : a slice of low carb bread with low-fat cheese spread (boursin for instance - hummm) ; if it's ice cream, a Weight Watchers ice cream ; if it's fries, I will boil a potatoe, slice it and then cook in the oven with cooking spays. You have to be inventive wink.gif If it's chocolate try one one square ! It's not that awful and it can actually cure it.

- think about my body as an external part of me that wants food but my mind is stronger (yes it works wink.gif )


If nothing of this works : I satisfy the craving. In limited quantity. I make sure that the limited quantity happens (that can involve buying a pack of stuff, taking one out and throwing the rest away before eating). Indeed if the craving resists all of the above it means I will eat all kind of things to try and forget it but at the end of the day it will still be there. So rather satisfy it - it will be out of the way !

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