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Destination doubts

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#21 dolphin

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    Posted 27 November 2008 - 04:24 AM

    Wow at least I am not the only one having the same problems. My FI family are awesome---always saying whatever you want to do we are there.
    My family not so much. My dad owns his own business so from the start he was out. He is so upset, but I promised I would have a party here so he can share something with us. I deceided to do a Cancun wedding at Dreams. I went on vacation and loved it. The price is amazing. So I deceided to book that because of the resonable price. Well after speaking to my sisters I came to find out that the ecomony is in a state of disarray. Apparently one of my sisters thinks I am an idiot and I had to explain to her that I did not plan my wedding around an economic collapase. So she said no one would go because unless you are a cop, fireman or nurse there is a possibility of lay offs. Yes I do get that, but bottom line is---if she was getting married I would be their no matter what. Later I came to find out she booked a caribean cruise in April and my wedding is in June----so that might be the reason.
    So from this experience I learned do whatever you want and go where ever you want. If people want to come they wil come if not ----oh well. As long as you and you FI dont want a ton of people their, do what you want.
    Its your day---remember that. Have fun and the people who can be there will be there.

    #22 nibsmom

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      Posted 30 November 2008 - 08:18 PM

      I'm happy for you that you've decided to stick with your DW! My mom initially decided she wasn't coming, and now is saying she is going to save and try to come.

      I think that even if they complain and try to make me feel guilty beforehand, once they get there, they will have a blast too. I don't think *afterwards* they will think I made the wrong decision. They just don't understand it now. Just stick it out and I'm sure that everyone will get it once they are there on the beach with you!!

      Good luck!!

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