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So many of us women are wanting koozies and are always searching for the best deal. I have found great prices for them on several sights but they have a minimum order of 100 or 250. Those that have a minimum of 50 are more expensive. I decided to try doing them myself. I bought a koozie today that was on sale at Pier 1 for $1. I don't plan on using these ones, but it was cheap and convenient since I was there, and I just wanted to try this. I always have iron on transfer paper at the house, cause I'm always making us several sports shirts, and lots for the little one. Why pay $15 for a sport shirt for her that she's going to grow out of in a couple months, when I can make them (even the exact one) for $3? So I just printed out an old monogram on transfer paper. I ran the iron over the koozie, then placed the cut out monogram on the koozie, ironed for 10 sec, removed the paper and voilà!


I spend $7 on a pack of 6 sheets of transfer paper, and at this sight: Blank Collapsible Koozie/Can Holder - NO MINIMUMS! I can get blank koozies for .60 cents (no minimum) and make 54 (which is more than I need) for $39.


Here is a pic, sorry its a patterned koozie, I just wanted to try this.


Click the image to open in full size.


This is much cheaper then having to buy in bulk and start up fees, etc.


Once I make mine, I'll post them to see a finished product!

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