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fun game for welcome lunch/dinner

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I have been racking my brain to figure out what we should do for our welcome lunch that would bring everyone together and get to know eachother better.


I thought about sending those who are attending a questionaire. They will fill it out with fun facts about them. Then we at lunch we will give everyone little cards to write on for them to guess who belongs to which fact.

Everyone will hold up their cards, and the person who's fact belongs to them will stand up (and if a story is needed to explain, even better!)


Ex. who's favorite food is spinach? Aunt Jean!

Ex. Who has traveled to 15 different countries? Jennifer!


Make the questionaire silly and fun and the person who matches the most wins!


I hope that makes sense! Just a thought for a way to get to know everyone.


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I love ideas like this since complete strangers that are about to become family are about to spend a week with eachother - ice breakers definately help! Good idea - hopefully it'll get some conversation going to.... "no way, you went to Australia to work for a year?.." etc.

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ooooh, Melissa - I LOOOOVE that idea too! Haha, I might have to extend everyone's stay so we can do all of these activities! What an awesome idea though. Are you just going to get the photos of the net first? Is it just gonna be around the resort?

Ok, its settled, I'm gonna do this!

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I ahven't really decided yet Courtney... but when i do I'll PM you my ideas. LOL


I definatley want one saying "Take a pic of your group and a person whom has a mullet". I am obsessed with mullets. hehe

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Haha, its true - mullets are great. Having said that, if Aaron had one I'd probably bug him to get a different haircut ... at least before the wedding! My cousins had the sort of mullet where the mullet part is only a small section at the back, kind of like a ponytail (does this have a name?!) - they seriously had it from toddlerhood to about mid-teens. Brave souls to go through Jr. High with that hair style!

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