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Awesome pics Tara and Stephany!


I recognize some of downtown Puerto Vallarta but what beach did you go down to? I was trying to figure out location wise where I wanted to go for the TTD session the day after Las Caletas wedding (two months from today! woohoo!) I thought at first about going to one of the beaches on the south side of the bay like las animas or quixote (sp?) but it will definitely be a lot easier to go into the city plus it would change it up a little..

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Originally Posted by Stephany@EyeSpy View Post
Hey Julia-
First I have to say, I love your posting name, it always makes me laugh when I see it

2nd, the beach we went to was just part of the public beach, I know for sure it was west of the Romantic Zone. Maybe about 7 blocks from the cathedral? We just saw water from town and started walking towards it.

Have fun in LC in 2 months!!! It will be an event to remember! GL!
Thanks for the info! I will talk to my FI and to Nathaniel and I guess we'll all decided altogether where we want to do the TTD but the idea of roaming the city is not one I'd thought about before seeing these pics.

Re: my posting name -- "Pazoop" is a word i made up when i was a little kid and it kind of stuck around. It's come in handy for various things every now and then...I'm so glad you like it!Thanks!

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