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Unbelievable fiasco with SIL

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Sorry, I just saw this now!!!


How unreal... sometimes I honestly wonder what is wrong with people?!?!


Anyway, I agree with most everyone else. Go forward with your planning as soon as possible! Make your day perfect and nothing else will matter.


I like the idea of letting the brothers talk about it; but beyond that, I wouldn't personally talk to her or other family members. That will just cause unecessary drama on an allready tough situation.


At the end of the day, you will all be family when both weddings are done. Yes, she is being a selfish brat; but some women turn into royal bridezilla's girl_werewolf.gif when they get married.


All I can say is hang in there and plan yours and Fh's dream day!! Focus on that.. everything else will work itself out.

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