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Florist/flower shoppe in Playa Del Carmen?

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I need to find a florist in Playa Del Carmen, or a flower shoppe.


All that I wanted was taller vases, and mainly all leaves with the odd flower here and there. I told her the odd flower could be lilies and the normal Mexican flowers in bright colours. I explained the centerpeices to her in full detail and sent her some pictures to show her what I was thinking. My WC emailed me back and told me the price of the centerpeices we wanted [leaves with a few flowers in a tall vase] and she quoted me $350.00 each centerpeice. Haha, not happening.


If worse comes to worse, I'll fly my own vases down there, but I really don't want to. I will need probably about 7-9. But, I won't be using the hotel for leaves flowers.


Imagine if I requested all flowers, it would be like $1000.00 each.


I'm attaching some pictures of my inspiration. I know I snagged them off of here, but I can't remember from who, so therefore, I suck because I can't give you the credit you deserve. If these are your centerpeices, I give you all the credit and you rock, plus you have expensive taste. smile159.gif


I am bringing down my own led lights for inside the vase. We are also bringing ostrich feathers in turquoise, white, and lime green to go in them, as well as tall shinny sparkly thingys to go in the very middle.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.



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Here's the information for two florists I found in Playa Del Carmen that is within walking distance from the 5th Avenue:


1. Floreria Sac-Nah

Tel - 984 873 0259

Cel - 044 984 804 4508



2. La Floreria


Tel - 984 803 4832

Cel - 984 807 7380



The people I have talked to at the florists don't speak much English. However, if you show them pictures of what you are looking for, they should be able to help you out. These two are not high end vendors and the prices should be much more reasonable.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! Keep up the great job on working towards a more FABULOUS YOU!!!

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