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yea, i'd HATE for you to come here and pack for me. it would be awful! (what time can you be here?)


we're packing outselves, but we hired movers to load a truck and get it there. my stuff has been sitting in a POD since last August (long story) so it's mostly just Paul's stuff (furniture, etc.). i do have some of my clothes here obviously, and some stuff i've accumulated - but not a ton.


we do have a house - and we close on it on April 6th. i've been saying that after March 30 my life becomes pure chaos (like it wasn't already!).


Weekend of March 30: drive to MN (for good!) to go to 2 showers for my best friend, Marti, also have a mini-getogether with my friends for a pseudo-bachelorette dinner on Sat.


Weekend of April 6th: close on house and move in!


Weekend of April 12th: spa weekend away for Marti (all weekend) - Paul goes back to Chicago for bachelor party


Weekend of April 19th: stay home and continue to unpack!


Weekend of April 26th: weekend in Peurto Rico for work meeting


Weekend of May 4th: Marti's wedding weekend!


Weekend of May 11th: weekend in Chicago (niece's 1st communion & my shower)


Weekend of May 18th: Paul's friend's wedding in MN


Weekend of May 25th: panic because i realize i've done nothing for the wedding, and i leave in 1 week


Weekend of June 2nd: LEAVE FOR PV!


holy crap, now that I write it down ... i don't have much time in there! and i didn't put in there anything about getting my dress altered (it is coming to Chicago some time mid-April)


and remember, that i typically travel out of state during the week, which is why I have everything on teh weekends!

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He he he, so does this mean you'll be to busy to post on this forum. :-)


Here's my list...


March 30, Nephew's Birthday party

March 31, Take dress to private seamstress to see if she can alter my dress

April 1, Missy's wedding shower

April 3rd, Dress fitting at salon if private girl can't do it.


Weekend of April 6th, holiday, have stuff around the house to do, and first time in 4 weeks Cain and I will actually see each other for more then 2 hours.


Weekend of April 14th, Cain's birthday & Missy's bachelorette party


Weekend of April 21st, Volunteer stuff with BT rescue


Weekend of April 28th, free right now, :-)


Weekend of May 4th, Missy's wedding


Weekend of May 11th, Nephews bithday.. (damn kids, and their birthdays, lol)


Weekend of May 18th, Chicago..


Weekend of May 28, wedding weekend prep stuff (ie hair, and a ton of odds and ends)


June 1st, get's nails & toes done, drop off my boys at daycare (GOD i'm going to miss them) finish packing for trip


June 2nd, FLY TO CABO BABY..

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Of course we do Ann.. lol Why does that not surprise me.. lol.. I just wish I was going to Hawaii after Cabo... Hmm have room in your suitcase?? :-)

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I really think I want to make one, like Sarah did. I think it will be a fun project after the wedding and I definetly can't afford a $2000 album! After the wedding it will be time for us to save to buy a bigger house, this ones driving us nuts, too small!

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