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My wedding contact will not respond!!! I've had it...what to do?

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I've been planning my wedding since May of this year. We are getting married during a cruise stop in Cozumel in March 09. Since May I've been dealing with the contact for the location where we are getting married. She takes weeks to respond to my emails and that is usually after I have to send many emails and sometimes phone calls. I've express to her before my concern about the communication and she is always very sorry. My issue is my wedding is now less than 4 months away and I still can't get my questions answered! If we were having a wedding in the states I would've already gone above her head and dealt with someone else, but she is the only person that deals with this stuff and I don't want to piss her off. Since June I've been waiting to hear back on final numbers for the Transportation, Ceremony decorations, centerpieces, photographer, cake........ My latest issue is we went $$ via a wire on Tuesday and she still doesn't know if she has it! It was sent to a US bank so it's not like it should take that long. I used to be in the mortgage business and deal with wires everyday so I know how long a wire takes! I just don't know what to do. We are considering hiring a wedding planner just to deal with her since I can't seem to get answers from her. Any advice would help. I just feel like since we are less than 4 months out I need to start getting answers so we know the cost of this wedding! I don't think it's too much to ask. I've already communicated my worries to her about her lack of communication but it doesn't seem to help!

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