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I figured I would start a new "official" thread with info for brides considering Secrets Capri and so SC brides can share!


Quick Review of Wedding Packages (2009 Pricing):


Weddings in Paradise $769 USD (Book 5 rooms for 3 nights and it’s complimentary)

-judge or minister, WC, iron dress, bride bouquet, groom bout, cake and wine for 10 people, etc.


Secrets of Love $1980 USD -same as above plus: 3 more bouts or corsages, wedding dinner for 20 people,floral centerpiece, cake and wine for 20, one hour cocktail for 20, bride’s hair and make-up, 36 photos on CD, etc


Secrets Ultimate Package $2650 USD

-same as above plus: additional ceremony decoration, live music trio (45 mins), 50 color pics, video of ceremony (30 minutes), spa treatment for bride & groom


*Extra price per person is $60 which includes cocktail hour and dinner*


**For more info, download the attachment**


I did a site visit in October 2008 and here is my review:


Grounds/Aesthetic: A+

Very clean, maintained, gorgeous views! My friends commented that it looks just like the website pictures, which is unusual :)


Rooms – A+

Tropical vs. Ocean View - on different sides on the hallway, ocean view looks over the pool at an angle so you also see the ocean (hint - you might be able to upgrade at the resort for less than you can upgrade online if there is space)


Deluxe vs. Jr. Suite - decorated the same, same bathroom, etc. Only difference - Jr Suites are a little longer and have a loveseat and coffee table rather than a round, kitchenette style table. Also, all Jr Suite Ocean View rooms are on the first floor and have a walk-out patio (no fence, you can walk straight to the pool - look at picture above). Deluxe rooms are on floors 2 & 3.


Ocean Front - are at the end of the wing and have full view of the ocean and a much bigger balcony with a full lounge chair that lays down rather than a regular chair.


We stayed in a Deluxe Ocean View and loved it.


Beach: A

Some seaweed and rocks, but not enough to bother us and they do work hard to keep it clean. You can walk down the beach with some privacy – its not like Cancun with major hotel after major hotel.


Alejandra (WC): A

Very nice and sweet. Great attitude and will make anything you want happen!


Food: Overall, a B+

We like spicy and since they cook for the masses, most things could use a little more heat (but you can always ask for a side of salsa, Tabasco, sauce, etc). This is understandable and will occur no matter where you are.


*Note – portion sizes are small compared to American portions. Appetizer servings are for 1 person so you each order your own. We really liked this. Some people ordered 2 entrees or 2 appetizers, which is totally fine! I even ordered 2 desserts if I wanted to. :)


The wait staff gets an A – just ask and they will get it for you! Also, as soon as you sit down, you immediately have someone ask if you want coffee, juice, water, etc.


Coffee drinkers (like myself) – they have good coffee! We were really, really pleased with the coffee – and they have cream and milk.


La Riviera (open breakfast, lunch, dinner; casual dining; buffet) B+

-breakfast: wide variety, tasty, probably best meal

Pros: make your own mimosa and bloody mary bar, egg station (live chef to cook them how you want), crepe station

Cons: it's a buffet so some items don’t hold up (ex: French toast sitting in a humid warmer doesn’t get the same effect as straight off the griddle)

-lunch: again, wide variety

Pros: dessert bar!

Cons: see above


Hitimsu – Asian/Hibachi (dinner only, reservations for hibachi, elegant) A

-We made reservations the day of and got a spot at 8pm, no problem

-good food, typical hibachi with entertaining chef at table, they have green tea ice cream (my fav!)


Portofino – Italian (dinner only, elegant, inside) B

-my least favorite because nothing was “great”, but still a B

-they have tiramisu for dessert (along with other options) :)


Oceana – Seafood (dinner only, casual elegant, upstairs by pool – inside/outside seating) A

-I actually had a steak here because they were out of the tuna steak (we ate late that night) and it was tender and delicious


Seaside Grill – Casual during breakfast & lunch, Steak at night (downstairs by pool – inside/outside seating) A+

-only a la carte breakfast place (but it was never crowded from what I saw)

-we only ate breakfast here and it was great!


Taco – Ceviche Bar – (outside by pool, tables in deck area) A

- when lounging by the pool, you can order off this menu and they will bring it to your lounge chair. They have fish tacos, pork tacos, etc as well as pizza, hamburgers, etc.


Room Service– 24 hours, lots of options A+

-we ordered coffee, juice and pastries one morning. Quick delivery, everything was great.

-We also ordered lunch one day – menu is fairly typical – wraps, sandwiches, soups, etc. We had a turkey wrap and it was delicious. It came with French fries (also good).

-Always quick and very friendly!


Distance From Airport - A+

-it took us 35 minutes from getting in the shuttle to SC front door. Not a long trip, but away from the crowds of Cancun. Its on the north side of PdC.


Wedding Locations - A

Wedding Gazebo - right by pool, great for smaller wedding (in my opinion). Con - at sunset time, there are still people in the pool so its not very private


Beach - much more private as they shut down the "activities" that are near the set-up site (volleyball, hammocks, etc)


Grassy Area - near gazebo, good option for more privacy than gazebo but no on the sand


Spa A

-you should see the spa...its gorgeous! We got massages and they were good (B) but you get to spend time in the "hydrotherapy room" and it's awesome! They take you through a 30 minute rotation including dry sauna, wet sauna, 4 showers, 3 pools all with champagne! You can repeat the rotation 3 or 4 times for best results. It's sooo worth it. Its free with a purchase or there is a $35 day pass. But a basic pedicure is $35 so all my girls will get at least that so we can all do the hydrotherapy together. Plus, the pools are in a huge thatched roof, open air room that is amazing.


Pics in next post...




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Views from Deluxe Ocean View Room (3rd Floor):


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


This is the building where Oceana, Seaside Grill, Taco-Ceviche Bar and bathrooms are (and you can see the hot-tub - it's huge!):


Click the image to open in full size.


Beautiful Grounds:


Click the image to open in full size.


Here, you can see the first floor (Jr Suite) walk-out patios:


Click the image to open in full size.

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Grassy area for wedding (the orange things are light boxes and can be easily moved:


Click the image to open in full size.


(In the picture above, you can see the balconies of the Ocean Front rooms on the right)


Click the image to open in full size.


Deck area (Taco Bar seating during day):


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Great liquor selection:


Click the image to open in full size.


Our patio (with roomservice):


Click the image to open in full size.

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I am not getting married here but I am honeymooning here in March... I have been to secrets capri before and can not say anything but good things about my stay. I loved everything. The service is wonderful, food is great and beds are comfy! I would have loved to have had my wedding here but have children in the wedding party! I cant wait for the honeymoon!

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