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Sandos Playacar Brides!

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#31 thewendyj

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    Posted 22 February 2009 - 12:14 PM

    Originally Posted by Bicky11 View Post
    You need to have your passport, travellers visa as well as 4 witnesses (which you can also pay for if you dont have them coming) if the male has been divorced he is considered a single man in mexico so no extra documentation needed but if the female is divorced you need a long form birth certificate as well as divorce certificate that you have to fax down to them a few weeks prior to the wedding and they will have it translated to spanish for something like $70 USD/page. Other than that we are taking our birth certificates, passports and tourist visas with us. We are getting married at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort on March 26...4 weeks!
    Hi Bicky11....I'm not sure where you got your information in regards to the divorced female needing different documentation than the male. We got married in October at Sandos and we are both divorced. We were both considered "single" and I didn't have to have my divorce document. The WC did tell us that if we wanted to be listed as divorced on our marriage certificate then we would have to go through the process of getting our divorce certificates translated into spanish. Why anyone would want to do that and go to the extra expense is beyond me.

    As for the wedding packages, I think they have changed since we got married. We had the basic package and our flowers were included. Good luck. It is a beautiful place to get married.

    #32 SBertling

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      Posted 23 February 2009 - 06:14 PM

      Hi Ladies!

      I just got home about 8 hours ago from getting married at Sandos Playacar on February 19, 2009 and I wanted to tell you girls not to worry at all.

      First off, I don't think Mexico is the place for a fussy or picky bride to marry as there are just too many things that can and probably will go wrong but if you just want a beautiful, romantic wedding, this place is perfect.

      I purchased the US$1900 package and it was well worth it. The beach where we married was absolutely perfect and they set it up beautifully with white ribbons on the palapas, white cloth covered chairs with big silver bows and a beautiful gazebo covered in flowers. I arranged everything with Lupita the day after I arrived and everything turned out so beatifully right down to my perfect pink gerber daisy bouquet. We had dinner in the Gourmet restaurant and the food was awesome, however they did hush us once and we were a pretty small group of 14. Lupita is awesome and takes care of all the details and even the cake was much prettier (and tasty) than I thought it would be. When we arrived back at our room we were surprised - I'm not going to tell you because it should be a surprise for you as well :). Seriously, even though I'm a bit bias, it was the most beautiful wedding I've been to.

      Matt Adcock (Del Sol Photography) was our photographer and I seriously love that guy!!! I recommend him fully - worth every penny ladies. I will post photos when I get them from him.

      #33 Princess402

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        Posted 23 February 2009 - 10:07 PM

        That's so great that everything went well! I'm not having my wedding until December 2010 and totally don't know where yet, but Sandos Playacar is one of the resorts I have my eye on. It sounds like the wedding was amazing (can't wait to see pics!) and I would love to hear more about your impression of the resort overall? I'm so worried about picking a good vacation spot for my friends and family!

        #34 Diana

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          Posted 24 February 2009 - 10:48 AM

          Congrats and welcome back! I am glad to hear everything went well! Did you have a legal or symbolic ceremony? If you did the legal, can you tell me a little more about it?Thanks!

          #35 SBertling

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            Posted 24 February 2009 - 01:46 PM

            I only had a symbolic ceremony - we had a small legal ceremony at home.

            A couple more thoughts...

            We didn't get an upgraded room as the resort was at 100% capacity. They are selling it out cheap right now so don't go thinking you will get an upgraded room as you will be dissapointed. Our room was perfectly fine though.

            The resort is perfect if you have kids with you which we did... If your wedding is adults only - you might think about another resort because there are lots of kids.

            Lupita is very busy. She had a wedding every day we were there but she also is very good at what she does. I hope she gets paid well...can you imagine planning a wedding every day?!

            My biggest fear was our music - I had two songs, one going down (David Grey This Year's Love) and one coming back (Phil Collins - In Your Eyes) and they nailed it perfectly!!

            There will be people on the beach watching your wedding - we must have had 50 people watching.

            I didn't use the hair salon at the resort, I did my own hair because I was frightened at what I might end up with. I did see a wedding a couple days later where all the girls used the resort hairdresser and they had beautiful, perfect wedding hair (those curling iron, hairsprayed curls - hope that makes sense) and I now regret not getting my hair done there - go for it!!

            #36 jordanandkeri

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              Posted 25 February 2009 - 04:33 AM

              We are getting Married on November 11th at 11am and just wondering how the weather is there around that time. How are the rooms?

              #37 JodJ

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                Posted 25 February 2009 - 05:14 PM

                Thanks for the great information SBertling! I am glad everything turned out great for you. I have a few extra questions:
                - Was the music at the ceremony very loud- did they have a DVD player out on the beach?- I was at a wedding in Porta Vallarta a few years ago and the music was coming from the resort and we could barely hear it!
                - What time did you have your reception at? I know sunset is a good time.
                - Did you get a video done by any chance? We are hoping to use the hotel's videography service.
                Thanks so much for your help! I look forward to seeing your pictures!

                We are looking to share a photographer during the week of June 6th to June 12th in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

                #38 SBertling

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                  Posted 26 February 2009 - 05:30 PM

                  They had big speakers set up (the ones they use around the pool) and the music was loud and perfect.

                  I had my wedding at 4:30 as Matt said that is when the light is perfect.

                  I did not use the resort photographer or videographer. You have to pay for the resort photographer whether you use her or not which is a bit of a drag.

                  #39 pdcbride09

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                    Posted 27 February 2009 - 12:53 AM

                    Thanks so much Sbertling! I'm getting married on May 8th and I'm getting very nervous.

                    As far as your music goes, did you just put those two songs on a cd and hang them to her and they played them? Did she instruct you to put two songs on there just curious.

                    Another thing I'm nervous about is the dinner. The fact that they hushed you worries me as my friends that are going are pretty energetic is the way to put it..so I can imagine how they are going to be if we eat there.

                    I can't WAIT to see your pics. I wish it was in my budget to use Matt or Sol for our wedding. but I'm happy w/ our choice of Claudia Rodriguez.

                    Oh, one question regarding the ceremony/photography. after the ceremony, what did your guests do while you guys were taking pics? Did they go to one of the bars for drinks

                    A little disappointed to hear that there are a lot of kids there..but for the price, you can't beat it!! Just hoping the time we go which is supposedly low season, it won't be so bad.

                    Again, thanks for the info!!

                    #40 JodJ

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                      Posted 27 February 2009 - 03:30 AM

                      I was also wondering about what to do after the ceremony. Origionally we were hoping to have a private dinner and reception by the beach or the pool, but we do not have enough people (40 required). I am hoping that there is somewhere we can hang out and have some drinks before going out dancing. Was there a disco at the resort? What did you and your guests do after the wedding?

                      We are looking to share a photographer during the week of June 6th to June 12th in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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