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Originally Posted by jilligirl View Post
The bonfire thing was super expensive, Paola came back with a quote of 500 or something and then a fellow from the band said he would come down with his drums and play for us at a bonfire for 600. Not really worth it, some other resorts do beach bonfires for only 80 dollars an hour or something. She sent us pictures of the two buffets but no menu examples. If anyone wants to see the pictures of the two buffets let me know!
Hi Jill,

Can you send me the pics please?

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Originally Posted by keilag View Post
my date is booked for June 18th!
Congrats! One more thig to knock off your list.

I'll be booking my date at Sandos a month before your wedding.....seems to far away for you Im sure....but I can bet you its worse being me and waiting even longer....lol

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Hi Ladies, Since you all have been so helpful. I figured I should return the favor. Here is some info I got from Paola.


1. In the Symbolic Packages where it says "Sparkling wine for wedding toast", Is that only for the bride and groom? or is it for everyone else (our guest as well)? If not how much extra would it be to have a toast for everyone?

Answer:The sparkling bottles for the toast at the end of the ceremony are for 30 people, as well as for the cake. The upgrade is $3 usd per every extra person


2. Do you have a menu for hord'oeuvre and cocktail hour?


Please find it attached (open bar document) I put at the bottom of the post


3. Is there a bar area near where the wedding takes place?


Around 3 minutes walking; but is not too close.


4. How much would it be for Cake if you have more than 30 people?


The upgrade for the cake is $3 usd per every extra person.



5.How many rooms do you have to book to get a free wedding reception?


This promotion only applies for the wedding packages. The private reception has an extra charge.


6. Do you have a menu of the restaurants on site?


Could you tell me how many people are you estimating? So I can give you the options available for your group?


These are our Restaurant choices (included in the wedding package semi-private section):

A la carte restaurants: Oriental, Gourmet or Steak house.. open time at 6pm (Groups with more than 15people have a set menu (same food for everybody)

Italian or Mexican buffet .. open time at 6:30pm (Reserved area for the whole group)

**microphone is not allowed.

** children are not allowed in Gourmet restaurant.


One important point is: no more than 20 attendants you can get a dinner reservation in one of our a la carte restaurants, more than 20 attendants, your dinner will be reserved in one of our specialty buffet restaurants.

Note: People that are not guests of the resort will need to pay a day pass $77 usd.



7. Do you have any video packages?


Video basic= 20 min edited in DVD price is 650 USD

Video elegant= 40 min edited in DVD price is 950 USD


Photography prices: 2009 & 2010

10 photos = 150USD (no CD, no photo album)

20 photos = 270USD (no CD, no photo album)

** 30 photos = 450 USD

**60 pictures = 650 USD

** 90 pictures = 850 USD


**Note: prices include print pictures & pictures in a CD ROM & a Caribbean photo album.




Check pictures in: { Photoshop by Hotelshops }



8. What time does your disco open and close?


The disco opens at 11pm to 2am every day of the week


9. Is it possible to have like a VIP area in the disco?

I can reserve for you two tables; but the disco is not divided for a VIP area.


Our Disco is available for private events as well from 7pm to 11pm, since it opens its doors for the rest of our guests.

Additional cost is 280USD per hour plus 15% per service. It includes: drinks, microphone, DJ and screen for slide show.

**Children are allowed just in private events. (younger than 18 years old)


10. What time does your nightly shows normally start?

We have one show at the plaza at 8:30pm and another one at 9:30 pm (lasts 45 minutes)


11. What is the process to reserve a wedding at your resort?


If you would like to move to the next step please find enclosed the wedding contract, fill it and scan for me in order to confirm the wedding date with your hotel booking number. There is no need for a deposit or credit card information.


12. If I want to change the package can I do so, and if so when is the last day i can notify with an upgrade package?


In our appointment three days prior the wedding


13. What are your group rates for 2010?

If you would like to know the hotel tariffs or availability, you would need to check this with your travel agency or if you will have more than 16 rooms directly with the Sales department Sandos hotel with Rosa Maria Cerqueda and her e-mail is grupos@sandoshotels.com . If you will have less than 16 rooms contact


14. Do you have flowers/sashes/decorations in fuchsia pink and orange?


Yes we do, have those colors of flowers and ribbons as well


15. Do you have any more photos for the different symbolic packages?


Yes please find them enclosed… the basic set up (Sandos Symbolic) is with no arch or gazebo, the Caribbean and Riviera Packages have it.


16. How soon do we have to come to Mexico to meet the requirement for a symbolic wedding?

At least two days prior the ceremony.


17. How much extra would it be for steaming service for the dress?

Between 30 to 60 usd depending on the complicity of the dress.


18.Do you have any tour offers? If so to where and what are they?



Regarding the excursions I will ask you to please contact your travel agent, they will offer you all the tours that you would like. And if you booked directly with Sandos you can contact : iroche@hotelbeds.com Ivonne Roche. For sure she will be able to make the best suggestions and prices for your group.



19. Do you have premium liquor at this resort?

Yes we do, only in the select club bars; but not in the regular bars (upgrade for the select service with a different wrist band)


20. What do you have to do to get the Riviera Symbolic Package for free?

The only packages you can get for free are the Sandos Symbolic or Caribbean Symbolic depending on the amount of rooms that you will have. If you have 32 rooms for 7 nights, then you can get the Caribbean Symbolic Package for free and cover the difference of price to upgrde to the Riviera Package.



Buffet Menus

Buffet Menus prices include basic bar service : House wine, Beer, Sodas, Water





Buffet of Natural Salads

Buffet of Special Salads

Shrimps Cheviche

Shrimp Cocktail

Fish Cheviche

Nopal Salad

Russian Salad

Tortilla Soup or Lima Chicken Soup

Beef Barbecue

Pibil Pork

Chicken with Mole

Chile with Carne

Marinated Pork

Fish Fillet Veracruz Style

Beef Fillet Brochettes with Cheese

Grilled Cambray Onions

Rice Mexican Style

French Fries

Sliced Poblano Peppers

Mixed Vegetables Stir Fry with

Butter Sauce





Buffet of Natural Salads

Buffet of Special Salads

Moroccan Salad

German Potatoes Salad

Greek Salad

Walporf Salad

Shrimp Cheviche

Asparagus Soup or Minestrone Soup

Beef Fillet Chop Sue

Pork ‘Pastorâ€

Orange Duck

Beef Fillet with Red Wine Sauce

Lasagna a la Bolognese

Broiled Daufi nase Potatoes

Mediterranean Fish Stew

Mashed Potatoes

Rice and Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables





Buffet of Natural Salads

Buffet of Special Salads

Potatos Salad with Smoked


Tuna Salad

Shrimps and Surimi Avocado

Calamari Salad

Tuna Carpaccio

Shrimps Soup or Seafood Soup

Garlic Shrimps

Mussles Sailors Style

Andalusan Calamari

Mediterranean Seafood Stew

Breaded Fish Sticks

Stuffed Grouper Fillet

Mixed Seafood

Grilled Salmon Seak

Rice Pilaf

Steamed Potatoes

Steamed Vegetables


*** Desert for these buffet menus


Wedding cake






(Max. 4 Hours)


Ron Bacardi Blanco

Ron Bacardi Añejo

Vodka Smirnoff

Vodka Wyborowa

Gin Gordons

Jimador Reposado

Tequila Cuervo

Brandy Don Pedro

Scotch red Label



Red and White National Wines

XX Beer - Bottle

Sodas and Juices




(Max. 4 Hours


Ron Bacardi Blanco

Ron Bacardi Añejo

Ron Bacardi Solera

Vodka Absolut e

Vodka Smirnoff

Gin Gordons

Jimador Reposado

Tequila Cuervo

Brandy Fundador

Don Pedro

Scotch J:B

Scotch Red Label

Scotch Buchanas






Cocktails: Red and White National Wines

XX Beer – Bottle

Sodas and Juices




(Max 4 Hours)


Ron Bacardi Blanco

Ron Bacardi Añejo

Ron Bacardi Solera

Ron Habana Club 7 Years

Vodka Absolute

Vodka Smirnoff

Gin Beefeater

Gin Gordons

Tequila Don Julio

Tequila Cuervo

Jimador Reposado

Brandy Fundador

Scotch Chivas Regal

Scotch J:B

Scotch Buchanas




(Baylis,Grand , Marnier, Ama-

etto, Disarono, Kaluha, Sambuca



Red and White National Wines

XX Beer - Bottle

Sodas and Juices

Prices subjects to change without notice and do not include taxes (10%) and Tips (15%)






Cockatail Hour Hor'dorves



Set Menu 1 35 Usd per guest

Exotic Shrimp salad

Cream du Barry

Chicken Cordón Blue a la forastera style

Cheese Cake


Set Menu 2 50 Usd per guest

Stuffed Avocado with Shrimp Cocktail

Asparragus Hojaldre with Holandesa Sauce

Rib- eye au Maître d´hotel

Black Forest Cake


Set Menu 3 60 Usd per Guest

Garlic Shrimps or Smoken Salmon

With sour Cream

Asparragus Cream

Salmon Steak with Capers Sauce

Or Grilled Rib Eye with Chimichurri Sauce


Set Menu 4 65 Usd per Guest

Asparragus Cream

Grilled Lobster

Beef Chateau brian with Green Pepper Sauce

Alaska Ice Cream

--Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry--


**Prices include: House wine, Beer, Sodas & water

Not Included 15% per service and 10% taxes

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Did anyone have any trouble getting in contact with Paola initially? I emailed her two weeks ago with no response. Just wondering if this is normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Hi Amberrayne,


Yeah at first I did. She didn't respond to my first e-mail till a week and a half later. I am still waiting for response from the second one. I am not sure if its normal or she is overwhelmed with wedding inquiries? if there is something in particular post it maybe one of the other ladies might have an answer or can forward you some information.

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Thanks for your response. I have done so much research on this forum that I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is offered at the resort. That is why it is my first choice! :) My main concern is confirming my date with Paola. As soon as I do that I feel like I can relax a little-hopefully I will hear from her soon!

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I am getting married at the Sandos Resort in 13 days! Wondering if people have any advice on hair stylists at the resort and if they had any problems with how it was done or held up. For those of you waiting for a response from Paola, she is very slow in responding to emails but she has gotten everything in order just fine. Sounds like that is very typical as i'm sure she gets a ton of emails and coordinates weddings every day.

Hopefully I will have great news and information to share with everyone in a few weeks.

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