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ROR CD Player - Info..If you are interested

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Originally Posted by klopez View Post
good to know...i was gonna make cd's anyway for back up but i think we'll just stick to them.

u didn't have a beach reception did you? I read your review but that was a few weeks ago. I need to know if the speakers that you rent for a beach reception can have an iPod plugged in. I think you can but I just need to make sure.
The speakers are a fair size and I from what I can recall they use the same equipment for the beach wedding/reception as they do for any other wedding. Meaning, the equipment we had for our lagoon ceremony would be the same equipment used for a beach wedding/reception.

I would confirm with Chandlyn but I'm sure it's the same equipment.

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I guess its always good to have your Ipod and also a couple CD's just in case!! Its never a bad thing to be overly prepared!!


Its good to know about the Ipod hook up b/c I am compiling a "Wedding Playlist" on mine.



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