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feeling pretty ignored by FI...

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Well, I know how you feel! I just had a baby and before he was born my FI and I were always together. We worked together we lived to togther. I dont believe he even went to the store without me. After I had my baby (because I had a C-section) I had to stay home. I could not go to work and spend all day talking. Well it hurt so much, I dont think there was one day that went by that I did not cry. On top of that we started fighting a lot about the wrong things. Well, my son is 6 months now and things are starting to look up. It has been a rough 6 months but I am seeing a beautiful light ahead in the future. I think it is fair for you to feel upset and maybe the two of you can think about ways to really enjoy the time you do have together. If you read this sometime soon: I have a very sad story that I am not sure any bride would want to hear. If you would like to hear about it let me know and I will write another reply. It does not help you being upset but I think what it will do is hopefully open up your eyes to be able to better express you worries to your FI. Good luck with everything. Please hang in there though, if you want it bad enough things, for some reason, always have a way of getting better.

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I was thinking the same as Maura - he probably knows he wants to get you an e-ring and knows that he has to save up for it. You said yourself that it was pricey - the one you love... he is probably trying to save up money.


FI did this all spring/summer. He took every single week of the support phone. It drove me nuts, because it's 24-7 and wecan't leave town. I had to tell him at one point to stop taking everyone's support weeks or we'd never do anything together! He finally agreed. Turns out he was like on auto-pilot trying to save up money for the wedding. Sweet, but ends up driving you nuts!


Ask him why he's working so hard and just tell him you need to start planning some date nights b/c you're going crazy at home alone.

Try to organize some friend/family nights too though so he's not the only one spending time with you. It's a lot of pressure one one partner when the other is home alone and bored.


Good luck!

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