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Who the HELL does she think she is!!! LONG

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#1 jesjess

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    Posted 06 November 2008 - 09:30 AM

    Ok, ladies please bear with me, because Im a ticking time bomb about to go off! Since my English is not that good, I will try to explain what is bothering me so much in the most fitting words I can find to express myself!

    Yesterday I received an email on my hyves account, from a girl I dont even know, asking me :

    Can you please tell me if you have been married years ago to a guy called ( lets call him Mr Asshole) Mr Asshole?

    I was flabergasted, because I have been married years ago, I was in a really bad relationship with this guy, Im still wondering every day, how I managed to stay in that relationship for more than 5 years, ( 1 married ).
    We broke up awfully, with a lot of fighting and all, lets say, I deleted everything, that remembered me off that time,in my mind and in other ways.I just dont want to think about that time anymore, for alot reasons!

    Si, first I though, what the F.. ?? Who is she, and why is she asking me this, so first I didnt want to reply, but than the little evil person in me took over, and made me wright a short email, telling her, that it was off none of here Damn business, and that she should leave me alone, I Also told here that she shouldn be asking me the stupid question, and that there was a reason why Mr asshole and me were not together anymore.

    I dont know what gone into me, but every memory or confrontation of tha time makes me want to trip! I just dont want to be remembered by the past.

    Wish I could say this was the end of the story, but I gets better, she replyed on my email, telling me,...ok breath...1...2...3... ( need to calm down)
    She told me, that She didnt understand why Mr asshole and I hated eachother that much, But he was right hating me, she did understand why he left me, ( I left the asshole ) And that I didnt deserve to be happy in life general, She said she thought I didnt want her to be happy with him, and called me an old hag, who was jaleous he was dating a yong foxy lady like hereself. She also started telling me, how good he was for here, buying here all fancy stuff, and making here breakfast in bed ??

    Ok serious,,,I DON"T GIVE A RATS ASSSSSS...

    Who the hell does she think she is, come busting into my life after 8 years,!!!
    What the F^%$%^... Im furious... She doesnt have the right to be judging me like that,,,she is a 18 year old todler, dating a guy 31 years old, and now she is looking for answers, and she thinks its normal to bother me?And on top of that, she gives me this CRAP?

    For real girls,,I havnt seen Mr Asshole in like 8 years, and for a good reason.
    Im on this forum because Im getting married to the most wonderfull man in my life, who I have been together with for the past 6 years. Im living a totally different life now, And I didnt even thought about Mr Asshole, since the day I met my future Husband!

    But to tell you the end off it all, I got wounded up so bad, that my mind started going crazy, and the little evil person in me, that told me to take care of "the problem" scared me. I dont want to be confronted with this black period in my life anymore, especially not now im in this awsome time in my life preparing my wedding.

    I choose, to block here and Mr asshole from interfering on my site ( and in my life) She cant contact me anymore, doens know anything anymore, and Im just not going to reply on the Shitty email. I hope this is the last I hear EVER..
    of Mr Asshole, and he deserves here,

    They make a great Mr & Mrs Asshole couple!!

    #2 kevsgirl

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      Posted 06 November 2008 - 09:59 AM

      Oh my goodness! How crazy of that girl to contact you like that.

      I know I have someone in my past and if his new girlfriend contacted me I would be just as horrified as you are right now. I wish he didn't even exist.

      Well, it's best that you blocked them and try to never have any more contact with her or him. Try to put it past you. You are probably more emotional right now because you are preparing to marry someone and you're thinking about the rest of your life... it's a stressful time. The great thing is that you're with a great man now and your life has turned around. Don't let her ruin this for you!

      #3 Angel

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        Posted 06 November 2008 - 10:28 AM

        Wow that is crazy.
        You did the right thing by blocking and not responding. Obviously she has no life because she is too worried about you and what went on in the past. Why is she even worried about something that happened when she was like 10? I mean come on, that isn't any of her concern. She needs to get a life and he needs to grow up. You've moved on so I wouldn't even worry about it.

        #4 BachataBride

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          Posted 06 November 2008 - 10:40 AM

          WOW...how odd!?
          I'm sure Mr. Asshole has filled her head with so many lies about you & your relationship together to make himself look good that she doesn't know any better. I kind of feel bad for her...she's just a kid who's infatuated with an older man. Don't get me wrong...I do not think what she did is right...it is completely wrong - but you have to remember that she's only 18 and most 18 yr olds don't know enough about life (or asshole men!). I think you did the right thing in ignoring & blocking her. That is definitely the mature thing to do...there is no point going back & forth with her - she is oblivious to anything but Mr. asshole!! Keep copies of the emails & make sure everything is dated just in case it keeps up & she keeps contacting you - I doubt it, but you may have to get the police involved if it turns into harrassment.
          I suggest you forget this whole thing & focus on the love you & your FI share & your upcoming wedding!! That should be your only focus right now!!
          Kudos to you for being the bigger person!!

          #5 Ana


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          Posted 06 November 2008 - 10:51 AM

          I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this. Some people have no class, so try not to let it bother you. You did the right thing in being the bigger person and letting this go. Focus on the future and be satisfied with knowing that the little "B**ch" will get what she signed up for. The way I see it your ex is clearly not over you, hence why he's still talking about you and how she was able to get your contact info. She's clearly a child, and clearly threatened because she realizes that her "sugar daddy" still cares about you more than he ever will about her. Hate and anger only exist where there are still feelings. The fact that you don't care, shows that you are over the past, but he isn't. Karma is a bitch and it will catch up to the both of them, if it hasn't already.

          #6 Hartyt509

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            Posted 06 November 2008 - 11:01 AM

            I know exactly what you mean about the married ex as i've got one only difference is i long for the day when I can kick the living shit out of him lol

            He's still hung up on you if she even knows enough about you to email you. FI wouldn't have a clue where to even find the arsehole (funny i use that name 2 lol) if he tried. I however have the same number and live in the same place so i'd be easy to find but he wouldn't have the guts he knows what would happen lol

            Let it go you dealt with it perfectly and he'll get his chick they all do xx

            #7 LisaG

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              Posted 06 November 2008 - 11:31 AM

              Oh you poor girl. Why do people feel the need to bring up the past - especially after so long. What a B*otch.
              You did the right thing by blocking them so they can't get in touch with you.

              #8 KatyKo

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                Posted 06 November 2008 - 11:41 AM

                That is so crazy...or should I say she is so crazy.

                My sister is dealing with a similar situation with her high school long term boyfriend. He has been with the same girl (not my sister, thank goodness) for like 5 years now...but everytime they get in a fight he brings my sister up and my sister gets a psycho blessing out phonecall from his girlfriend. My sister hasn't been in contact with this guy since she dumped him, but every month or two she gets a psycho phone call...like clock work. So weird. I guess some people are so concerned with other people's lives because they are not confident in their own.

                I hope you don't have to deal with either of them ever again.

                #9 YoursTruly

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                  Posted 06 November 2008 - 11:59 AM

                  Wow amazing how bad memories can take you from calm to insane in 60 seconds. I agree with the girls that you took the right steps towards removing yourself from the situation. They are losers and I always say--don't expend energy on people like that. you are giving them the POWER. Take it back and move them out your life.. I wish you well my dear.

                  #10 Kathie

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                    Posted 06 November 2008 - 12:10 PM

                    WOW! That's scary that people can just find you and write that stuff. You did the right thing to block them.

                    You've moved on. Better days are coming. As for Mr & Mrs. A$$....they deserve each other.

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