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Laurine's Dreams Cancun Wedding Review 10-26-08

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aw, that sucks, i was really looking forward to the couple's massage too! i really hate when people are rude like that.


glad your wedding was a wonderful experience overall!

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Originally Posted by JoannaR View Post
Congrats!! I cant wait to see pictures and hear more... What DJ did you use?? Was it worth it at the end, like did he announce you guys & the bridal party etc. etc.??

Also, how was the ballroom, i know alot of people say it looks dark but like you i want more privacy as well so am considering the ballroom.. Any suggestions..

Thanks & congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. :)

I think it was the DJ they usually use. I really don't remember his name. He did announce us, but we couldn't hear the announcement where we were (outside the room with the door closed) so I'm not sure if he got the name right. He also announced when we were doing the cake cutting, etc. For the the last dance, he told all our guests to make a circle around us and that was unexpected, but VERY cool the way it turned out. I'm not sure if Claudia messed up, but we paid $700 and for the DJ + sound system (for both ceremony and reception).

As for the ballroom, it was a little dark, but not bad. They dimmed the lights during dinner if I remember correctly. They also brought out the long skinny balloons during dancing which were a hit with both the adults and the 3 little kids we had. I certainly wasn't expecting that. I wanted the privacy and also like that it was bigger than the club tower lobby. For our group of 41 people, the tower would have been very tight with the 5 tables for people, food setup, guest book / cake tables / gift table (setup at last minute), DJ setup, and place to dance. We had 2 of the ballroom sections so we had plenty of room and they did a great job setting it up

For the cocktail hour, we had it in the club lobby (originally, it was suppose to be on the terrace). When we got done with pics, I went to get food and it was completely out. My MIL said random people would come up and take food and she had to keep chasing them away. By the time we were done w/pics, it was time to go to the ballroom so it didn't matter too much. I did complain to Claudia when we were paying the bill (nearly a week later) and she said they sometimes reserve food for the bride and groom and filled up the trays a few times. I told her I wish I knew that as I was starving (wasn't really that bad). However, by that time, it wasn't worth arguing about. All the guests said they loved the Mariachi trio at the cocktail hour. We didn't actually hear them as they were finishing up by the time we got there.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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"I would love to see your pictures in the ballroom?? I am having my reception there and have no clue what to expect since not alot of brides get married there.. Thanks..


<3 <3 <3 Joanna & Orlando <3 <3 <3 "


Your wedding sounds great, I am looking foward to see pictures"

For those that want to see pictures of the ballroom at dreams cancun, you can go to http://www.elizabethmedina.com/blog/...log_595_14.jpg. These are some pictures of soemone's wedding and it seems that she had her reception in the ballroom



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