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I got my wedding gown from a Trunk Show! -A wedding dress story

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Hi Ladies! I just want to share how happy I am to announce that I ordered my wedding gown this weekend on Saturday!!!! Such a fluke too cause I wasn't even planning on buying a dress yet...just looking! =) Here's my story on how I found "The One."


I went with my mom and uncle at a Carolina Herrera Trunk Show in San Francisco this Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't see a dress i liked so I tried on other dresses and found 1 really liked by Ulla Maia. I made an appointment for a follow-up just in case I ended up choosing that gown.


During lunch, I decided to call one more bridal salon to see if they had any openings later that day. to my luck, someone cancelled! I was able to take that appointment. =) When we got there, it was also a Rivini Trunk Show. I saw the gown on a mannequin and I knew I wanted to try the dress on first, and I did.


Then I knew I found "The One." I didn't even bother trying the other gowns by the usual designers such as Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Lazaro, etc. I had the dress on for 2 hours and just walked around it it. I had so much fun trying on the different veils.


I got sooo lucky that the style director for Rivini was there. He suggested awesome veils and showed me how to change my look from ceremont to reception by changing to different types of veils. oh my god... the experience was one of a kind!!! i felt like i was a New York socialite!


I LOVE MY DRESS. I originally wanted to wear 2: one for ceremony and the other one for reception. Now i just want to wear my one and only Rivini gown. Wearing different styles of veils really do make a difference. it could totally change your look!


I met my budget! The dress is ridiculously expensive but I think it's worth it. I even got a great deal... 10% off my total purchases (including the veil) AND the bridal salon had a great promotion for my fiance. A free tuxedo to KEEP or a $300 credit for an upgraded tuxedo or suit!


I got our wedding attire in one sale! I am just ecstatic!!!! My dress is so unique. It's everything I wanted...except for the super poofy part. Describing the gown wouldn't do it justice. I wish I had photos but pictures were sooo restricted! The style director said that the gown is not available on line. It's not even on Rivini's website yet! He said the gown has not hit the stores yet so I am one of the first people to get the dress. This makes my gown even more special. =) My mom loves it and so does my uncle who is such a high fashion fashionisto!


I'm just oozing in happiness right now. I'm sure you all had this super giddy and crazy happy feeling when you found your gown. =)


I'll post the pics once they become available. I get my dress in March 2009, about a month before my wedding in Cancun.


Thanks for reading and sharing my happiness with me!

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Congratulations on finding your dress! You were in the right place at the right time and your dress was meant for you.

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aww thanks for the kind messages, ladies!!! i love how this forum lets us all share our bridal moments!


i will definitely post the pictures the moment they become available!



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