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DIY Tissue Holders

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In my never-ending quest for cute, cheap, and easy DIY projects, I have come across another cute one! I got this off Aylee's site: aylee, but it's actually a Martha Stewart Project. I've attached the template for anyone who is interested, and the instructions are below. I made the 16 I need while watching tv last night- very easy!

Here's mine:

Click the image to open in full size.


Here are the directions (copied from Aylee's site, originally from Marthastewart.com):



1 8.5x11 paper




ruler, computer, printer



Using the Word template below, connect the crop marks on the sides with a ruler and fold the paper with the ruler as a guide. Fold solid crop marks towards you and fold dashed crops marks away from you. Center a tissue on the sheet and fold back the sides where the tissue ends. In the back, weave the flaps into one another. Insert tissues in the front. There are pictures on Aylee's site of how to weave the flaps together, or see the attached Word document- basically you just alternate them into eachother in the back.


When I made mine, I used a little heavier paper- not quite cardstock, but a heavy shiny striped paper. The side that folded over was plain, so I used my Fiskars Texture Plate to emboss the filigree design there. I then printed one of my monograms from Creative Montage onto Avery clear stickers, cut it out and stuck it to the front. I'm trying to think of something to put on the back- maybe "To dry your tears of joy...". Is that stupid or cute? I can't decide, so go ahead and be brutally honest.

My brother and dad are singing a song together (and my dad's playing the guitar) during my ceremony, and I know there will be some tears, so I thought I'd go ahead and supply the tissues! lol






Doing the back.doc

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OMG, I love those. I did those for a friends wedding, but the Martha Stuart version... everyone loved them and went on and on about how cute they were and they cost nothing to make. this is what they looked like:

Tissue Pouches for Your Guests

Distribute these tissue pouches to your guests before the ceremony for their tears of joy.


Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

To make a pouch, crease an 8 1/2-by-11-inch piece of sturdy yet pliable paper widthwise three times: 2 inches from the top, 5 inches from the top, and 1 inch from the bottom. Fold the first flap back, the second up, and the third down to make a cuff. Center a tissue on the sheet; fold back the sides where the tissue ends; weave the flaps into one another to secure. Turn over the pouch, and insert tissues. Decorate as desired: We stamped each pouch with a phrase and tucked in a phlox blossom.

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