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Noah Has Arrived! A Few Pictures to Share!

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Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica View Post
Thank goodness I get to see Noah pics before I leave. I was getting worried I wasn't going to see the little man till I got back... he is adorable Martha... look at his long skinny fingers.. soo cute!! I'm so happy for you. Noah is totally living up to his name = rest and stength depends on the book... but he is just that Little Noah Joseph!!
Aww, thank you! I love his name and am so glad we never changed it!

Originally Posted by SusanK View Post
Congratulations Martha on a beautiful baby boy. I'm so happy he's being cooperative so far. You sound like you are doing wonderfully. You're right... it's a love like to other, and impossible to adequately describe in words. As impossible as it seems, it gets even better. Enjoy!
You are right, Susan. It does seem impossible that it will get even better. I can't even begin to imagine my life without him and he has been here a little less than a week!

Originally Posted by REBECCA View Post
OMG Martha....I have tears in my eyes. He is just beautiful...congratulations!!!!
I often get teary-eyed thinking about him! I am so blessed and so thankful that I have him.

And to everyone else, thank you so much! Your words are so kind. I may just print all these out and put them in his baby book along with all the baby shower cards! I am truly glad I got to share my pregnancy (even my anxiety, fears, and insomnia) with you guys!

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