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Post here if you are getting married in Jamaica

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Hello Everyone !! looking to get married in jamaica in January but can find the perfect resort. Help!!


Name- Jennifer and Joseph

Date- Jan 16, 2010

Location - There are way too many options!!!

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hello ladies.......


I am officially a Jamacia bride as of yesterday and can't wait to get there! Was originally a Cabo bride, but H1N1 said otherwise. LOL. anyways, there are 18 guests that still remain for the week long party and we leave in five weeks today. June 6-13 for the guests at the ROR and then for us we get another lazy beach week that we will be staying at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay.


We had less than 8 hours to rebook and organize this wedding because of H1N1 so, any helpful hints/threads that I should go tohuh.gif?


Have a great day!!!

Mel & Jeff

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