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They cost how much?!

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I've been in love with the idea of using round ottomans on the beach for our ceremony since I first saw the photo of this. Our florist can get square ottomans for us, and they are $35 each plus the cover... I'm stuck on the round though. So I just got a quote back from a company with round ottomans - $75 each PLUS $50 to $75 for the cover! Holy cow, what are these things made of that they are that expensive?!


FI and I bought an ottoman yesterday at Linens 'n' Things for $40 that was covered in a beautiful damask fabric, and it was just this cheap wood with a round hallow base and a round top.


So I don't get how these super simple ones would cost $75 without covers? It just goes to show the mark-up prices in the wedding industry I guess.

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