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Azul Sensatori site visit 10/24

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Hey gang!


I just wanted to jot a few notes about my site visit to Azul Sensatori on 10/ 24! I took video of our tour and a few pics with my camera- hopefully I'll get a chance to post them soon!


We also popped back in on Sunday to see how it was going and it had progressed from Friday. On Sunday we had a meeting with the owner and the GM and yes they are sticking with the November 1st opening date. They had divulged to us that at that time one full room block was completely ready ( the premium block) and they were going to upgrade all of the guests to those rooms ( they are georgeous so the guests should be happy!).


Most of the interior restaurants and bars were finished and some were still in the process of getting furniture moved in.


The big delay has been the weather- they've been getting a tremendous amount of rain over the last month and that coupled with the humidity has made it near impossible to get the last finishing touches ( painting, pools ect)done. However I didn't see any scaffolding and the only big construction that I could recall was the roof of the Mexican restaurant being shingled.


We couldn't go see the where the Sky weddings will be held as they were still working on some construction. They had planned on doing a mock set up on Monday 10/27 if all had gone well! Unfortunately we had other site inspections scheduled for Monday and got in very late so we missed it!


The beach cabanas were almost finished with construction ( on Friday there was one completed and by Sunday the majority were up & thatched) and the teens club looked completed but the furniture wasn't laid out -just piled in the room. While we were there it started pouring again so I didn't get a chance to see the childrens club as they hussled us back inside but there were workers in that area.


The landscaping looked pretty nice ( we saw Secrets Maromar and the landscaping there was not as far along as it is at Sensatori).


I really liked the fact that they were keeping one section of the beach without the cabanas so that they could have weddings there. There was also a shell of what looked like it would be a bar on the "empty" section of beach which would be great for receptions!


The pools are huge and still needed to be scrubbed and filled on Sunday. The pool beds were constructed but the bottoms and mattresses were not in.



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This resort sounds so beautiful. I would really like to see photos, since I am considering this resort for our one year anniversary trip! :)

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