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Something to put in OTT bag

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#11 DEE1978

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    Posted 27 March 2007 - 07:13 PM

    Tsleege, good idea! My colors are chocolate and teal and the 32 oz bottles don't come in teal so I am going with the 16 oz size. Bummer!
    Thanks Shelley:)

    #12 *JillD*

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      Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:15 PM

      Originally Posted by DEE1978
      Hey Jill!
      I see those Nalgene bottle everywhere so I just did some intense research while I was at "work."
      The site is pretty cool cause you could design the bottle and see it before ordering. Are you doing a personalized canvas tote or paper bag?

      oooh, I haven't tried the design part yet, I'll have to do that. I bookmarked it so I could go back later.

      I think I'm going to do canvas bags. We're not having a lot of people so I might do some really nice bags, not sure yet how much we can afford, but I figure if I only have to buy 7 or 8 I can spend a little more, we'll see.

      here's the site I've been looking on, they actually have a lot of great stuff

      Personalized Tote Bags Monogrammed Tote Bags - Bridal Handbags, Wedding Purses, Monogrammed Tote Bags

      #13 tinabop

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        Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:16 PM

        You guys are hilarious! I was going to get a "Boat and Tote" bag from LL Bean, and as I went to find the link, found that the colors I wanted are gone! Hopefully they'll come back before my wedding! They used to have cute Rugby striped with dark blue, but now it's crazy bright colors...which may not work for EVERYONE. Anyway, I guess my point is to check out "Boat and Tote" Rugby stripe bags on the LL Bean website. If you like the colors, the little tote is so cute!
        Kristina & Brian
        Playa del Carmen MX

        #14 JPMO

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          Posted 28 March 2007 - 07:28 AM

          Dee that's a great idea. Last year while on vacation, a husband and wife team told me they never travel without there bottle. The resort bars will fill that up instead of glasses... if you just tip. That's usually cost beneficial when it's non-AI

          Jenetta - JPMO

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          #15 DEE1978

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            Posted 28 March 2007 - 08:01 AM

            Great site, Jill! I am only having like 8-10 people at the wedding so I may go with a bag and bottle and then for the ATR, I'll do the bottles only as favors...if only I could figure out how to wrap them or display them nicely.
            J, I did not even think about the bars filling these bottle up...THANKS:) We are staying at AI so that great!

            #16 *JillD*

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              Posted 28 March 2007 - 07:33 PM

              Denise, I designed one last night and I loved it!

              I wrot Cancun, Mexico and then October, 2007

              And in the middle I put a picture that had a palm tree, sunset, and a teeny tiny couple (I guess a married couple, cuz it was under the marriage clipart)

              They looked really good, I think I'm definetly going to get them.

              #17 DEE1978

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                Posted 28 March 2007 - 09:28 PM

                Yea! I am definately ordering these too! What are your colors again? I am looking into the site with those bags that you suggested. I feel guests deserve something nice cause they paid their way to come to the wedding and etc:)

                Ps. My invites are going in the mail tomorrow:)

                #18 *JillD*

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                  Posted 28 March 2007 - 10:20 PM

                  I am doing bright pink/fuschia as my main color, with a few splashes of aqua. I think I'm going to get the bottles in aqua. Yeah, I think I'd like to do a nice bag for guests because they are paying so much to come down, but I'll probably only need to do about 7 or 8 of them (one per room), I thought so many of those bags on that site were so cute, I even thought about getting a few different colors so everyones wasn't the same. Oh, I also thought about doing a monogram on the guests bag (first letter of their last name) so everyones would be a little bit different.

                  So many ideas, first I need to know how many people are coming for sure so I can figure out what we can afford. We're going to buy a few mexican things when we get down there too, to put in the bags and some snacks.

                  #19 DEE1978

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                    Posted 28 March 2007 - 10:35 PM

                    I think I am going with 32 oz bottle in teal.
                    I am in the same boat as you are! I have scoured many bag sites too. The cheapbags (?) site has a cute one that looks like the llbean canvas boat bags. I am thinking about going to those party stores to see what bag they have. They are probaly cheap and not so good but figure why not check it out. I am going with the Mexican items too! Since I will be there before you, I will email and post pics of what I find. I definately want to put sunscreen and lip balm in the bags.

                    #20 *JillD*

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                      Posted 29 March 2007 - 06:26 PM

                      OOooh, that would be great, FI wants to find somberos, I was thinking maybe maracas too, but we'll see maybe there will be some other cool stuff!

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