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Ladies Day Timeline


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Looks great to me! I'm a big believer in over-communicating...esp w/ things like schedules!


The ONLY thing I would possibly double check is the time you've allowed yourself for hair/makeup. Depending on if you're going somewhere for this, having someone come to you etc. I went to a salon and it took a pretty solid hour for my hair to get done....I have a lot of hair - but it wasn't a super complicated style or anything. I think an hour & 15 mins is pretty optimistic for getting ready. . .everything takes a little longer 'cause you want it to be just right...at least that's how it was for me. And you want to allow yourself a teeny bit of time in case something takes longer than planned.


So that's my 2 cents! cheesy.gif

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I guess it depends a lot on how you're having your hair done...a trial run will help to determine that...even if you do it somewhere local while you're at home, any stylist could probably help you estimate a reasonable timeframe.


Offhand...I'd say allow a good hour (maybe a smidge more, like an hour & 15 mins) for your hair and probably about 45 mins for makeup. Although I know some makeup artists can take ages...and if you're doing false eyelashes or something that might take longer, make sure you try to take that into acct.


Ok, so that was the long answer!! I'd say 2 hours for sure (assuming you're not "traveling" to get all this done and then having to come back to the hotel to finish getting ready). . .if you finish early, sit and drink some champagne (or better yet, try to eat something!) w/ your girls.


Better to sit for a few minutes than stress over not being done in time.

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