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Nuevo Vallarta Whoas...

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Originally Posted by SoontobeMrsE View Post
Hi Jamie,


"I just got back from my wedding at RIU Vallarta on November 8th and Erika and Jessica met my very high standards. They got everything exactly how I wanted it."


Yeah!! That is great to hear :) I am very happy that your day went off so well...


"The Flamingo restaurant is good but slow. We had a sit down dinner for 34 people and it took a long time for them to bring out food."


Did you have the 7pm food service? Did you stay at the restaurant for long? Is there room for any dancing? We are bringing our own sound system and wanted to do the "reception" there after dinner as Erika said we could stay late.


"As far as the arch being white - you won't notice it in pictures. My dress was ivory and you can't tell. We did white bows on the chairs and it came out fine. By the time they put the arch up, you will be getting ready and you won't have time to do it unless you have a team of people who aren't getting ready themselves and are willing to do it for you."


I have ordered some fake flowers that are amazing to bring. With 39 guests, there better be someone will to help with me arch!! lol We are also bringing Tool for the chairs as my "colour" is royal blue.


I would love to see your pictures, if you want you can send them to me directly at el_nomada@hotmail.com


What time did you do your wedding? What was the weather like?


Thank you for your help!



As far as the Flamingo - We had dinner reservations at 6:45. We did not get done with dinner and toasts until 9pm. Keep in mind the service was slow - even for Mexico. As for dancing, there are other people eating there and at the time our only option for dancing was to rent out the pool bar. I guess they could set it up for dancing, depending where you had your meal at. We had ours upstairs on one end of the restaurant. With our 30 people, it may have been a tight squeeze. You can definitely ask Erika.


I would just give Erika detailed instructions on how you want your arch flowers and would feel confident that they will get it done for you. Also with the chair bows as well. Our wedding was scheduled for 5pm and we didn't start until 5:30. I was 5 minutes late and the guys didn't have their boutoneires either. In the end it all worked out perfectly!


The weather was great! It was probably upper 70's low 80's at the time of the wedding. It was a perfect day!

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That sounds perfect! At 2pm in the afternoon and my boys in pants I really hope they are not late :) But I guess i will be on Mexico time! Thank you for all your answers and best wishes moving ahead.



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