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cigar roller?

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I was hoping someone would post more info on this because we are really interested. What exactly do they do, like how does the event go down? I am assuming it would be geared toward the men? What would you suggest for the women to do during this? Or is it entertaining for both?

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here's what i know - i don't think its an event really but more like a table set up for the vendor so the reception goes on around him. my WC quoted about $150US for the vendor then the cigars are additional on top of that. you can either pay for them or have the guests pay themselves - or pay for say the $12 cigar and if someone wants to buy a $20 cigar its on them.

she cautioned that guests might not really get that this is something the bride and groom arranged but rather just a service from the hotel so they might not appreciate it as much. my concern is will all the guys be hanging around smoking cigars, not part of the reception really and smoking the place up! those are the main reasons why i'm curious to hear from others that have used them. honestly, i think the guys would think it was the best reception ever if we had it.

hope that helps.

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Jenetta is doing this and I was planning to do this as well but then some of the brides who got the cigar roller said it was the biggest waste of money. No one payed attention to the cigar roller b/c they were too busy dancing and drinking. Instead, I have decided to buy some cigars when I get down there and put them in the OOT bags, but just for the male guests. It's a better way to save money and I'm sure most guys will like it. Also, this way they make smoke them with your FI sometime during the week and not at your reception, blowing smoke in everyone's face. I know the Dreams in cabo charges a $150 cigar roller set-up fee and then they charge you about $4-5 per cigar on top of that. If you hire an outside roller they usually charge $350 an hour and then $5-$12 per cigar. Most cigar rollers offer a box of 10 for free but as most girls who ended up getting this service found out, you don't get the box until afterwards so its not like you can give the 10 free ones to your guests. I would not recommend doing this. It can get very expensive and you are better off using your money towards something else.




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I think its a cute idea. If you are concerned that it will take away from the actual reception you might consider using it for one of your events before the wedding such as the rehearsal dinner or if you're having a meet and greet. I haven't used it yet, but I am checking on prices right now for one of my weddings, I will let you know what I find out.

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