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The Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica REVIEW update w/PICS!

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UPDATE: I finally uploaded some wedding pics. They are posted here:




First view the short slideshow:




Latoya & Joseph


First off, thank you ladies for all your help and ideas, because, without your support, ideas and help, I would have been completely lost at the beginning of the planning.


My husband and I were married on Saturday, September 20 at the beautiful Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica.



The Rockhouse Hotel, Negril Jamaica: A++


WOW, HEAVEN, AMAZING are the words to describe it. Very rustic, so if you are looking for a 5 star resort with bells and whistles, then this is NOT for you. If you are looking for the natural beauty and scenery of Jamaica, the simplistic-ness of what Jamaica is about, then you will love it here. It has only 35 rooms and we reserved 20 of them.


The staff knew us by name, we were catered to hand and foot. The night before the wedding, I realized that i didn't print out all of the guest placecards, so they let me into their office and print them out (thank God I had the templates on a UBS card and cardstock with me). Also, I have some guests that got to the hotel after 11PM and they were starving; the kitchen was closed for the night and venturing out that late in the town was not recommended. The manager found out, and said, 'No worries" and opened up the kitchen just for our guests.


Wedding Coordinator: Inise Lawrence: A+

ALL of my coorespondences were done via email... I didn't know her voice until we arrive to Jamaica. Everything was "no problem, or no worries, mon". and with her, there wasn't. She was quick to respond to all of my emails, she gave me ideas that i didn't think to add and she was fun. When we arrived, she was there, and she took all my stuff that we brought and took care of everything. The day of the wedding, I didn't have to worry about anything, she and my husband handled all the hiccups and mishaps. I didn't find out about any of issues (though they were very petty) until after we got back! It was my day and Inise and the staff made sure of that.


Ceremony: A+++++++++++

It was on a rock cliff, at sunset, we had dolphins swim by, and we even had a rainbow. I guess God wanted to put his touches in it… I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Reception: A+

We originally was suppose to have our reception outside poolside, but while I was getting ready, my coordinator said there was a chance of rain. The restaurant deck was my plan B and plan B was just as wonderful as plan A (poolside). Though I didn’t rain (just a few drops before the wedding began); it wasn’t a issue, I quickly chose plan B (at the restaurant) and kept getting ready… The food was overflowing as well as the drinks. Everthing was perfect! The DJ, the food,… Well the cake was beautiful, but it was awful! It was dry and hard as a rock, but I didn’t care and neither did the guests, because I don’t think anyone ate it!


Photography: A++++++

Sun Gold Photography

Paula and Damian (married) made the TTD session a blast. They definitely encouraged us not to pose, but to just enjoy and love each other… and that is what they shot. We wanted a photojournalist not a traditional shoot during and after the ceremony. They are based in Jamaica and I couldn’t have asked for better photos. We spent a little more on the pictures, because after all, that is all you have left when the wedding is over.


I will send pics soon, but look a the slideshow, it says it all.


Again ladies, thank you for all your help and support.



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I love it!! Congratulations!


We went to dinner at Rockhouse on our first vacation together & thought it was perfect too. cheers.gif


What a beautiful wedding-- I love that you had a rainbow in the sky and everything!

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Thanks ladies


The music for the slideshow is the song Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder. Ironically, that was the song that my husband, his best man and the officiant walked out to, to begin the ceremony.... and the rainbow was blazing.


We had a blast during the TTD shoot. We definitely got into it!

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Truly amazing!!! I also booked sungold photo and I hope my pictures come out as good as yours! Love your dress, it's similar to one I purchased a few months ago. Everything looks great, congratulations!

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OMG! I started to tear up when I saw the rainbow, what a perfect moment! Everything is amazing and everyone looks so happy and having a blast.



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