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On the slopes

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So I know I'm a little late posting our engagement story, but better late than never, righthuh.gif


A little background:

To be in our family, is to be a skiier. My parents, two older sisters, younger brother, and I all love Colorado skiing. Every year for years, we've made a trip out to the mountains. We rent a house and hunker down for a week of eating, drinking, and of course, skiing. Our group has grown in recent years...both of my sisters are now married, and my 3-year old niece is officially a ski bunny too. Both of my brothers-in-law, had to prove capable before they could qualify as husband material :) January '05, my FI Matt, joined the crew for the first time. He did well, and I give him a lot of credit. It's not an easy thing to spend a week, 24-7, with your girlfriend's family. He did great, and I think it was at that point my whole family knew he was a keeper! In January '06, we did it all over again.


This year, we all headed to Aspen. The first few days were business as usual. By the third day, I knew Matt was getting tired trying to keep up with us, so when he suggested that we go over to the easier part of the mountain and do a little skiing on our own, I didn't think anything of it. We made what I thought was our last run of the day, when he got the urge to go up one more time. On the way down, I got a little ahead of him, also normal...I AM the better skiier :) So I stopped where the trails divided and waited for him to catch up. I signaled the way we were suppose to go, but he insisted that I wait. He skiied up next to me and started to take off his skiis. My first thought was that he was going to push me into powder (we like to tackle and wrestle:)...but then he was getting down on one knee and removing a little black box from this coat. I could not believe what was happening. To be honest, it is all a big blur. I was sobbing... and I guess I forgot to say "yes", because he had to remind me. I'm still surprised that I balled like that.... I would of thought that I'd be the type to jump up and down and scream YES YES YES...but I guess not. I don't know how I skiied down without killing myself (I was shaking and my contacts were a complete blur), but we made it. My whole family was already back in the condo. When we walked in my mom asked how our last run was, and I started balling again. She said "I know, I know.." and she was crying too. Turns out, Matt had asked my dad for permission while riding on the chair lift with him the day before. My dad of course, had to tell my mom, and I have no idea how she managed to keep the secret, but she did it. She said she could hardly stand it, but knew she had to keep quiet. It was a surprise to everyone else.

So we celebrated with champagne and strawberries in the hot tub and Chinese take-out. It couldn't have been more perfect. Matt knows how close I am with my family, and I'm so glad we could all enjoy the moment together. It was definitely th perfect proposal.


Here's a pic. I know I look horrible...sorry, I had been skiing all day, no make-up on, my face is all blotchy from crying, my eyes are puffy and red...well you get the point :) My mom insisted though! Just had a thought...I'll make crop it and make it B&W...maybe then it won't look so bad :)


Click the image to open in full size.

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