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Hello everyone,


We've spent the weekend putting the finishing touches on our website; please can you let me know what you think and anything that would be useful to add.


FYI I made it using momentville.com and have been really pleased with it. THe formatting when you're typing in is quite annoying as it keeps adding in HTML code, but I think you expect some glitches with a free service.


Hannah & Damien's Big French Wedding | Select your language | bigfrenchwedding


thanks in advance,

Hannah x

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Wow Hannah! you put a lot of work into your website!

It looks fantastic, and is full of information.

I had giggle reading the French wedding traditions --all the food and "The dancing begins after the meal at around 2am and continues through the early hours of the morning until the last person has retired for the night, or breakfast!"

My fiance's family is French Canadian, and we have many Christmas parties like that!! wink.gif


Congrats and have fun planning!!

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