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We had our legal ceremony!! (updated with pics on pg 2)

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Well, we are official! Our as we call it, we joyfully signed some paperwork with close family today. Even though, we didn't even have to sign anything. We had our ceremony with the JP today (Friday, I am typing late) and then came back to our place for drinks before going to dinner. Of course, me being me, I celebrated too enthusiastically and fell asleep (passed out?) at 7pm for who knows how long.


Anyhoo, our ceremony was short and sweet, even with small talk it only took 10 min, during which, my nephew managed to turn my sister's phone back on halfway through the vows. Dave said his perfectly and I knew at that point I was due to flub....which I did during the "forsake all others" part. He said he was sure I would flub during the "in sickness and in health". I told him I wanted to amend that to ...in mild sickness, preferably in health. Don't worry, I told him I was kidding and would give him bed baths and clean up his poop if he were really sick. Poor guy, he's stuck with me now!


I will post pictures once I get some back. Apparently my camera battery died halfway through the ceremony. It couldn't even last the 10 min. Oh, well.


I am glad to be legally wed and looking forward to our Mexican ceremony in 2 weeks.


Time to go to sleep...with my husband! And it is strange to see a wedding band on his finger. I guess we will have to get used to that in a few weeks.

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