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Playacar Palace 2009 & 2010 Brides - POST HERE!

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We chose the Emerald Package.  Above is the ceremony set up on the beach and my bouquet that my sister was holding.  I chose to add the Gerbera Daisy as a tribute to my mom who died several years ago.  The rest of the bouquet was one of the options in the package.

Below is a reception table and the cake cutting.






Below is the cocktail hour...their presentation with all the food was amazing!



Above is the ceremony._DPH0205.JPG


We opted to upgrade to the mariachi instead of the soloist included in our package.


I hope this helps.  I have lots more pictures if you're looking for something specific, let me know.


Good luck!


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I saw a page last night that said hair was $50 and make-up was $50. I saved the link if you need it later. It is on my computer which I don't have with me at this time.


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Originally Posted by gompers99 View Post

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry it's taken so long to post, but I was married at PP in November and had the most amazing experience.  To sum it up...we had 60 guests.  We did a welcome cocktail/hor d'ouerves get together on Friday night in the South Solarium, ceremony on the beach, reception in the North Solarium, and brunch on Sunday in the asian restaurant.  The service, food and resort overall was outstanding.  Our guests are still talking about it and had a blast.  Dulce was our wedding coordinator and she is the best!  I wasn't really particular about things like the cake, flowers, small details.  But she is!  She took my vague vision and turned it into the most incredible wedding I could've imagined.  I will try and post some pics if I can figure out how to do it on this website.  If anyone has specific questions about PP, please don't hesitate to ask.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat...PP is wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.  For anyone having doubts or concerns, don't worry, it really will be amazing!



Samantha its sounds like your wedding was perfect. Congrats!! I am planning a November 2011 wedding at the PP and  just had a few quetions for u on urs. First-did u go with complimentary or chose one of the packages? did u go with a travel agent? did the ferry so close create debris/garbage? my fiance is pretty concerned this will take away from the serenity of the beach experience, more like hes concerned I will get there and be upset about it. Thanx for your posts!! Danitha

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Originally Posted by kurlyks View Post


I have a question for the brides who got their hair done at the spa at PP. I can't seem to find prices anywhere for hair- how much on average did you all spend to get your hair done? Also, how far in advance did you  book your appointments?



Hi Ladies,


Here are the prices.  Please keep in mind that these are the prices for 2010 so I would assume that they have gone up a bit.  I booked all of my appointments when they sent me the final wedding package which was about 60-90 days before the wedding.  I booked more than 10 salon treatments, about 12 tee-times and 4 spa treatments and everythign was right on when we got there.  There weren't any issues at all.  Also, I am not sure if they are still running the "vacation dollars" promo but if they are you can use this $$$ at the spa and salons.


Palace Salon Spa Services




You will find an impressive state of the art Beauty Salon where you will receive the attention and service you deserve


PALACE MANICURE (25 MIN)                                                                                     $ 25.00              


PALACE PEDICURE (25 MIN)                                                                                               $ 29.00


DELUXE SPA MANICURE (50 MIN)                                                                                  $ 49.00                                                            


DELUXE SPA PEDICURE (50 MIN)                                                                                       $ 54.00                                                                           


HOT STONE PEDICURE (80 MIN)                                                                                        $ 59.00


NAILS POLISH                                                                                                                                $ 8.00


NAIL REPAIR (25 MIN)            (Each one)                                                                       $ 8.00


NAILS REFILL (50 MIN)                                                                                                          $ 32.00


ACRILIC NAILS (110 MIN)                                                                                                       $ 49.00


REMOVE ACRILIC NAILS (25 MIN)                                                                                   $ 24.00


SCALP TREATMENT (25 MIN)                                                                                                 $ 31.00


TRIM (25 MIN)                                                                                                                              $ 11.00


WOMAN†S HAIR CUT WITH BLOW DRY (50 MIN)                                               $ 37.00


GENTLEMAN ‘S HAIR CUT   (25 MIN)                                                                             $ 22.00


BRIDE ‘S STYLES (80MIN)                                                                                                     $ 42.00



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Originally Posted by RaychelRae View Post


Does Playacar Palace have a free shuttle from the airport in Cancun to the hotel, or do you have to set something up for your group?



They do have transportation, but it is not free.  I believe that my TA negotiated the transportation and it was included in the price.  I got married during Low season so I am not sure if they only did that for the business or if it is something that they do on a normal basis with groups.

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Sorry for the delayed response


We organzied the pool party with our wedding co-ordinator. For the equipment it is the same people that would do the wedding's - 3 of my guests are international DJ's so they were the ones who were spinning but I'm sure that you could arrange something with a DJ down there. Food and drink is included with the All-inclusive so we were all good there - let me know if you have any other questions

Originally Posted by MRR16 View Post

CamilleA, I would love to know more about your Pool Party. My guests would love this. Who did you set it up with? Did you set it up once you were there? Did you have any food? Or just drinks? How much was the DJ for this? thanks for any info.

Soundsl like a blast.


Originally Posted by CamilleA View Post

Ladies - I am in the airport coming back from my wedding.....OMG!! I love PP it was incredible - the staff is amazing and we had the time of our lives.


During the day they have the normal activities by the pool - the resort also allowed us to throw a pool party - we rented DJ equipment (as we had 3 DJs in our group) and had an amazing time, the resort loved it so much they said they might do it weekly b/c so many guests had fun


For the ladies who have been - Its my pleasure - for the ones still to go you will understand lol 


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My parents actually have a timeshare at Sandos Playacar - I love it there but it doesn't even compare to PP. Trust me the intimate thing works in your favour b/c you will be able to spend alot of time with your guests so no one feels left out (family/friends - you know that they won't be all hanging out together but at least close by so you can go from one group to another)


Once I receive my pics I'll post them - but there are lots of places to take pics - I used Samuel Luna - He was great - again still waiting on pics though. I had to pay for a day pass for him


Mariachi Band - I used an outside vendor as it was much cheaper - His name is Sergio his email is gersiohinojosa@hotmail.com - he speaks very little english


let me know if you have any other questions


As a side note we had our actual wedding at Alux Restaurant & Lounge - definitely need to check this place out!!! It is stunning - food is amazing!!! maybe as a rehearsel dinner??



Originally Posted by RMBride2B View Post

Tanya Marie and CamilleA,


I still haven't chosen what resort to have my DW at.  So far, I think I've narrowed it to Sandos Playacar and Playacar Palace.  I really do love that PP is more intimate and the fact that you don't have to walk very long to get around on the resort. However, the only real big thing that I am concerned about is Photo Ops.  It doesn't look like there are a lot of places on the resort to take different types of pictures. So, my question is where did you ladies end up taking your pictures (the bride and groom pics)?


I'm at work right now, so I can't open Tanya Marie's pictures, but if you included them in there, please ignore this question (I will check them when I get home) :)


Also, did they have options for live music on the beach?  I was interested in hiring a Mariachi band, but have no idea how much they cost at the Palace Resorts.


And the last question is did you hire outside photographers?  If so, who did you pick?  And did the resort allow it as long as you bought them a day pass? I was thinking of going with Octavio Montes, but I want to keep my options open, just in case.

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We were able to take them off but not our guests

Originally Posted by shelby825 View Post

This might be a silly question, but were you able to take your hotel wristbands off for your wedding? We are not getting married at PP but our group is staying there. I just had visions of everyone wearing these wristbands in our wedding photos...

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