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Jennifer Hudson

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Everyday there is a little more information about this case.. Now they are saying that jennifer's sister, brother & her nephew's real father use to sell drugs.. The sister didnt get charged, the brother went into a program and the father did time so now it looks like the murders had something to do with someone owing money.

This is crazy! I said that the sister knew more than what she was saying because her plea for her son's return just didnt seem convincing to me.

Then you didnt go identify your son's body ( ok maybe she couldnt handle that ) BUT you were able to logged on to myspace write "BECAUSE I CHOSE TO DO WHAT WAS NATURAL TO ME AND LOVE SOMEONE , IT COST ME MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL LOVING SUPPORTING MOTHER DARNELL, MY TRUE BLUE BABY BROTHER JASON , I LOVE U BIG BABY ... AND LAST BUT NEVER NOT LEAST MY ONLY SON JULIAN , MY INNOCENT BABY ONE THAT WAS SHELTERED FROM ALL THE EVIL IN THE WORLD BECAUSE WE LOVED HIM SO MUCH"...and change your profile pic...and get this the man that they say is responsible is still her 2nd friend? wouldnt you have taken all of his picture's down? I dont know I'm just angry..

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