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thank yous on wedding website

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On our wedding website, we have a page of "thank yous" ... well I was sitting next to my mom while she read this for the first time:


To our parents—

with your marriages as our guide and inspiration, we look forward to a life full of love and happiness.


well ... she didn't even make it halfway through reading it before she was SNORTING WITH LAUGHTER! i was a little put off that she thought it was hilarious that her marriage might be considered "inspiring" LOL ...

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Originally Posted by syl1115 View Post
Did you ask her why she found it so funny? I thought it was very heartfelt.
well, i definitely really meant it in a heartfelt, sincere way! my parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in december of next year! my dad must've just been getting on her damn nerves that day, LOL!

but honestly, that's what i find "inspiring" about them ... sure they get on each other's nerves, but 40 years later, they are still finding a way to make it work, ya know? and you definitely need to be able to laugh about it!

anyway, i think 40 years is totally amazing ... most of my friends were married and divorced in under 2 years (scary, isn't it?)!

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