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alternative to welcome dinner?

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Hi Girls!


Does anyone have any suggestions to an activity in place of a welcome dinner? I am getting married at the Excellence on May 31 and since it is all inclusive already, I figure I could plan a day trip to like Xcaret or something instead of the dinner. Any suggestions? There will only be 10 of us.



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we are doing a day at the beach..I dont know how this would work for all inclusivess.

BUt our planner is going to block off a section of beach chairs and have beers and lunch/snacks. and she is going to set up a volleyball net for anyone that wants to play, and water sport stuff....just another idea. ITs going to be our welcome day at the beach :)


we are doing this because our hotel is on the cliff side of the island not the beach side.

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What a great idea Lian Marie! smile159.gif THANKS! Hmm. I guess I should contact the resort aboout that.

Fotini, ohh la la -you getting married in Santorini Greece? FI and I are thinking about honeymooning there! Since we are already at an all inclusive beach resort, I do not think your idea will work for us but THANK YOU though!smile03.gif

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