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Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here

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Thanks ladies for sharing all these amazing pics, I am planning on DIY flowers, although I am not artistic at all so with the help of my family and friends I am hoping to pull it off :)

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With the Mexico wedding and 2 AHR's I can't afford to order our bouquets 3 times....I had to DIY it. Here's what I came up with...


My Brooch Bouquet


Front - My side



Close up



Back - His side



My Bridesmaids Bouquet - Same concept but with a composite twist and starfish facing forward. (Please excuse my brother's hairy arm)



Back side of BM Bouquet



There are sooooo many different bridal bouquet types, the perfect one...is the one you like. <---- same goes for the wedding dresses!

This blog really helped me out. http://yourweddingbouquet.blogspot.com/



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Thanks WPGBride! I got the Starfish Brooch from Sammoon http://sammoon.com/items_amj.asp?tempcat=spring&img=8192011_mg_9854&tbl=spring&cat=jewelry&id=834

I bought a lot of my brooches from Sammoon, local flee markets, garage sales, friends off facebook, and Ebay.

Originally Posted by WPGBride View Post

Julietisurs your brooch bouquet is beautiful ! where did you get the crystal starfish brooches?


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oh my goodness. i have looked at a million pages about flowers and im none the wiser what i want to have!


im trying to decide bridesmaids dresses and flowers at the same time as i havent made final decisions about colours. i lvoe the colour blue...but there arent many natural blue flowers (and im not convinced i want dyed flowers). i saw a stunning bouquet in one of the first pages of this thread - yellow roses and irises - which i loved


or ill go in a completely different direction!! i have no idea! its like there are too many choices!

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