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Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here

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yeah i love the colours of these, what i was thinking about doing....was making these myself YET ANOTHER DIY PROJECT LOL adding peacock feathers to it and the turquoise grass, and using these for my TTD session which is going to be more on the romantic side...need some opinions though im going to post my TTD and the DIY flowers, let me know if it seems too much thank you all in advance!

Oh what would I do without this site lol lol



flower ideas.jpgEVELIXA_APPLE-GREEN-LUS-SAT-RIBBN_front-large.jpg

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i think that would look really great...and yes those are calla lillies lol

Originally Posted by Sharon99 View Post

Very pretty! I love the green ones, calla lillies? I am thinking of doing orange ones with some kind of pink flower wrapped in blue. 


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